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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sherwood Forest Faire To Host a Competitive Jousting Tournament

On March 29 & 30, Sherwood Forest Faire will host a competitive jousting tournament featuring jousters from the New Riders of the Golden Age, the troupe that puts on the regular jousting show during the run of the faire. They will be joined in competition by jousters from the Knights of Mayhem and another jouster who is not associated with either troupe. Because this tournament is part of the entertainment for the faire, the jousters will be using stage names during the joust, however, this will be an actual competition, not a choreographed show. The jousters who will be competing are: David Schade, Silas Holtz, Liz Jones, Eddie Rigney, Charlie Andrews, Robbie Hubbard, Josh Warren and James Johnson.

Charlie Andrews and Eddie Rigney unhorse each other during the final match of the 2012 Sherwood Forest Faire Jousting Tournament(Photo by The Jousting Life)

I attended the Sherwood Forest Faire earlier in the season and took a few pictures and video of the jousting show put on by New Riders of the Golden Age. Although much of the show is planned and choreographed, the jousting passes themselves are NOT choreographed.

David Schade breaks his lance against Ryan Scammon during the jousting show at Sherwood Forest Faire(Photo by The Jousting Life)

Here is the announcement for the tournament that was posted on the Sherwood Forest Faire Facebook page:

Ladies and Lords of the kingdom, HEAR YE! Be sure to attend the final weekend of Sherwood Forest Faire to witness the ultimate Medieval sporting experience! Sherwood Forest Faire’s 4th annual Jousting Tournament shall rule the day as the Faire season comes to an end. Bold knights shall compete for gold and glory upon the field of Sherwood’s Jousting Arena until every one of over 120 lances hath been shattered!

Starting times for the events will be the same as previous weekends, but this competition will be quite different. Instead of two or three knights competing, there shall be 8 bold warriors upon the field. Knights from the New Riders of the Golden Age, the Knights of Mayhem, and one free-lance jouster will tilt for gold and glory on this day. Also all skills challenges will be set aside save for FULL CONTACT JOUSTING, so the jousting events are bound to run longer than they do on a regular faire day.

Knights will compete for points by striking their opponent, and the highest score possible shall be for sending the other knight from his - or HER horse into the dirt. Each competitor will joust all others to find out who shall be King Richard’s champion. And this champion shall be showered with favors and a cash purse from the King’s own coffers. Come prepared for lance-splitting, steel-bending, bone-breaking action that you shall not soon forget! And prepare thyself with a deep mug to slake thy thirst, for thou shalt not want to miss a moment of Sherwood Forest Faire’s 4th Annual Jousting Tourney!

Knights who’ll be competing on Saturday and Sunday, March 29 & 30th:

David Schade – Sir William Dudley
Silas Holtz – Sir Victor Thorn
Liz Jones – Dame Elizabeth of Summerset
Eddie Rigney – Sir Edward
Charlie Andrews – Prince Killem
Robbie Hubbard – Sir Ronald
Josh Warren – Sir Joshua
James Johnson – Sir James

David Schade, leader of the New Riders of the Golden Age, makes his entrance for the jousting show at Sherwood Forest Faire(Photo by The Jousting Life)

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