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Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas Tournament at Khrabrovo 2014

written by: Dmitry “Dietmar” Savchenko

Christmas Tournament at Khrabrovo is an annual event, which opens the tournament season in Russia. It is related to the Russian Orthodox (and as well – medieval European) date of Christmas. This year we held our fourth event. As is traditional, we ran our tournament at Khrabrovo Horse Center (130 km from Moscow), which serves as stables for our war horses.

Sergey "Moros" Zhuravlev(left) jousts Yuri "Humphry" Bogunov(right)
(photo by Evgenia A Komarova)

Christmas Tournament is a private event which we run ourselves, trying to reach the highest possible authenticity level. We make high demands regarding costume and each knight’s equipment, as well as to appropriate ceremonies, qualified judgment and many other important issues. Christmas Tournament is divided into 3 parts: Jousting (solid lance), Foot tournament (two-handed swords and poleaxes) and Ceremonial feast.

Ceremonial Feast(photo by Evgenia A Komarova)

Three knights participated in jousting this year: Dmitry “Dietmar” Savchenko, Yuri “Humphry” Bogunov and Sergey “Moros” Zhuravlev. Three more knights joined the foot tournament. Judgment was based on the following: In jousting, broken lances for each knight were counted (and, of course, knocking out of the saddle). In foot tournament, in each fight winner was declared after 10 successful hits or knocking opponent out to the ground.

Marshal Sergey "Tankred" Vislenev(in red) faces jousters Sergey "Moros" Zhuravlev, Dmitry "Dietmar" Savchenko and Yuri "Humphry" Bogunov(photo by Evgenia A Komarova)

The scores for all the matches were decided by judges, headed by Marshal Sergey “Tankred” Vislenev and Herald Rafael “Ralph” Gukasov, who then reported the results to the Court of the Ladies. The final decision at the tournament belonged to the Court of the Ladies, who were guided not only by the Marshal’s scores, but also by each knight’s courtesy at field and feast.

The Court of the Ladies watches the jousting(photo by Evgenia A Komarova)

At jousting: The first match consisted of four courses(passes) between Dmitry “Dietmar” Savchenko and Sergey “Moros” Zhuravlev in which 4 lances were broken. In the fourth course, Dietmar got a straight hit to the right hand. His mitten gauntlet did not sustain and his forefinger was broken.

Dmitry "Dietmar" Savchenko(front) jousts Sergey "Moros" Zhuravlev(photo by Evgenia A Komarova)

In the second match, during the second course, Yuri “Humphry” Bogunov knocked Sergey “Moros” Zhuravlev out of the saddle. In those two courses 4 lances were broken. As a result, it was declared that Yuri “Humphry” Bogunov won the short, but intense jousting competition.

Sergey "Moros" Zhuravlev is helped to stand after being unhorsed by Yuri "Humphry" Bogunov(photo by Evgenia A Komarova)

At foot competition, each knight fought each other, and so without wounded Dietmar, each knight fought 4 times. All the participants fought with dignity, but the strongest was Leonid “Leon” Manevich, who won all his fights.

The foot competition(photo by Evgenia A Komarova)

After the competition, all the participants were invited to the feast, where our ladies could have a look on each knight’s good manners.

A Lady at the Feast(photo by Evgenia A Komarova)

The next day, Yuri "Humphry" Bogunov, who fought the best during the tournament and revealed his courtesy and manners during the feast, was declared the Champion of the Tournament.

Yuri "Humphry" Bogunov, Tournament Champion(photo by Evgenia A Komarova)

Edited to correct the spelling of Yuri's name, which was previously spelled 'Jury'.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Request for Information About Jousting Tournaments During 2014

I've started the list of Jousting Tournaments for 2014. Please check it out. If you know of any tournaments that are not included on the list, or if you have more information about a tournament that is already listed, please email me with the information and links.

Sarah Hay on Riley at the Grand Tournament of St Charles(photo by The Jousting Life)