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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Results of the Ferrara Jousting Tournament 2014

Roberto Cinquegrana has kindly sent in the results of the Ferrara Jousting Tournament 2014 and a picture of the jousters and ground crew for the tournament:

Ferrara Jousting Tournament 2014

1st place - Roberto Cinquegrana da Napoli (Naples Kingdom)
2nd place - Salvo Manfredi da Mineo (Sicily Kingdom)
3rd place - Daniele Chiveri da Milano (Visconti Kingdom)

The jousters and ground crew of the Ferrara Jousting Tournament 2014
(photo provided by Roberto Cinquegrana)

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Jousting at Zhelezny Grad

Text and photos provided by Dmitry Savchenko
Edited by Zhi Zhu

The 8th annual festival “Zhelezny Grad” (Iron Town) was held 1-3 of August in the town of Izborsk in the Pskov region of Russia. Izborsk is a town 30 km from Pskov where a well-preserved fortress exists. This event was the first Joust in Izborsk using shaped solid wood lances with coronels. Competitions included jousting and melee with cudgels in the format "every man for himself". The tournament lasted for 2 days.

The fortess at Izborsk(photo by Eugenia Komarova)

We should also note that in addition to the Joust, an important part of the event was the camp life of the knights-participants with its own program and a high level of historical authenticity. Also, some of the errors of “Times & Epochs” Tournament were corrected. Particularly, we used vamplates on our solid pine lances, and we tested a new design for the tilt barrier. We are working hard together to hold our tournaments at the highest level.

Five riders took part in the Joust: Yuri Bogunov, Sergey Zhuravlev, Boris Mashtakov, Viktor Ruchkin and Dmitry Savchenko.

Dmitry Savchenko(left) jousts Yuri Bogunov(right)(photo by Eugenia Komarova)

The tournament officials were:
Marshal of the Tournament - Rafael Gukasov
Two linear equestrian judges - Evgeny Vasilev and Yuri Galilov
Secretary of the Tournament - Aleksandr Kolyaskin
Herald of the Tournament - Michail Susanov

The Ladies Court included: Daria Tarasova, Daria Ruzhova, Ksenia Galilova and Marina Savchenko, who created and wore the costume for the Lady of Justice. (The theme for this tournament was justice.)

The Ladies Court(left to right)Marina Savchenko, Daria Ryzhova, Ksenia Galilova and Maria Tarasova(photo by Eugenia Komarova)

Scoring was carried out as follows. Each broken lance was counted as 1 point. The lance should be broken a minimum of 40 cm from the tip or broken down into several parts. The Ladies Court could encourage knights with ribbons. One ribbon counted for one point. The Lady of Justice could reward knights with a white ribbon that brought 2 points and penalize them with a black ribbon which took away 2 points.

In melee the competitors fought until the melee ended. The best fighters got extra points at the request of the Marshal and judges. The melees were fought all against all. During the melees, two cudgels were broken.

Yuri Bogunov's cudgel breaks as he attempts to block a blow from Victor Ruchkin
(photo by Eugenia Komarova)

In the joust each participant first competed with every other participant, then later the knights were able to challenge opponents at their own discretion. The Joust was held in two sessions. The Judges counted 24 broken lances in total.

Victor Ruchkin breaks his lance against Boris Mashtakov(photo by Eugenia Komarova)

After two days of the tournament, Boris Mashtakov took first place with 14 points. He received a white ribbon from the Lady of Justice for valor. He also earned one extra point from the Marshal for the fight with Victor Ruchkin.

Boris Mashtakov(photo by Eugenia Komarova)

In second place was Yuri Bogunov with 12 points.

Yuri Bogunov(photo by Eugenia Komarova)

Dmitry Savchenko earned third place with 10 points. He received a white ribbon from the Lady of Justice for the beauty of the fight, and knocked Sergey Zhuravlev out of the saddle.

Dmitry Savchenko(photo by Eugenia Komarova)

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Jousters Featured in Documentary about Richard III

Several contemporary competitive jousters are featured in a new documentary about Richard III, including Dr. Tobias Capwell, Dominic Sewell, Arne Koets and Joram van Essen.

Richard III: The New Evidence(posted by Gemma Payne)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Scores for Arundel Castle International Tournament 2014

The annual Arundel Castle International Tournament took place July 22 - 27. A previous article announced the names of the Individual Champion, Andy Deane, and the Team Champions, Ben van Koert and Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell of the Burgundian Alliance. Here are the scores for the rest of the competitors:

Mounted Skill at Arms:
1) Jan Gradon (PLN) - 38 points
2) Jarek Struczynski (PLN) - 34 points
3) Andy Deane (ENG) - 29 points
4) Per Estein Prois-Rohjell (BDY) - 23 points
4) Tina Steiner (HRE) - 23 points
6) Patrice Rolland (FRA) - 21 points
7) Steve Gagnon (FRA) - 20 points
8) Phil Leitch (ENG) - 18 points
9) Ben van Koert (BDY) - 14 points

Note that this year the skill-at-arms was not limited to the jousters, but also included non-jousting competitors on an invitational basis. Stacy Evans, Kyle van Dolah, Mark Atkinson, Ben Atkinson and Michael Collin also competed, but decided to remain outside of contention for the prize.

Ben Atkinson slices a cabbage in half during the MSA competition(photo by ARW Photography)

Joust (Individual Scores):
1) Andy Deane (ENG) - 10 victory points - 83 strike points
2) Ben van Koert (BDY) - 10 victory points - 77 strike points
3) Jan Gradon (PLN) - 10 victory points - 74 strike points
4) Patrice Rolland (FRA) - 8 victory points - 73 strike points
5) Jarek Struczynski (PLN) - 8 victory points - 68 strike points
6) Per Estein Prois-Rohjell (BDY) - 7 victory points - 69 strike points
6) Phil Leitch (ENG) - 7 victory points - 69 strike points
8) Steve Gagnon (FRA) - 5 victory points - 53 strike points

For an explanation of the scoring system including victory and strike points, please refer to last year's article.

Jarek Struczynski jousts Ben van Koert during Arundel Castle International Tournament 2014(photo by Stephen Moss)

Joust (Team Scores):
1) England - 19 victory points - 213 strike points
2) Burgundian Alliance - 14 victory points - 195 strike points
3) France - 14 victory points - 181 strike points
4) Poland - 13 victory points - 183 strike points

Team scores are higher than the sum of individual scores as two-man jousts count towards the team score only, not for individual scores.

Team France, Steve Gagnon and Patrice Rolland(photo by Ian Foss)

The Final:
Burgundian Alliance - 37 points England - 31 points

Ben van Koert (BDY) - 21 points
Andy Deane (ENG) - 18 points
Per Estein Prois-Rohjell (BDY) - 16 points
Phil Leitch (ENG) - 13 points

Scoresheet and one of the prize rings(photo by Ben van Koert/Kaos Historical Media)

Many thanks to Andreas Wenzel for providing this information.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On The Road to Bicolline

The first Tournoi International de Joute du Duché de Bicolline begins this weekend, August 30 - September 1, in Quebec, Canada. Several of the jousters are already in town for the tournament and have been doing some promotional appearances. Photographer Eric Dube was there to capture some fun photos of the four jousters who all happen to wear black armour – Jezz Smith, Marc Hamel, Patrice Rolland and Steve Gagnon. Here are a few of the pictures:

Bicolline Road? with Patrice Rolland, Jezz Smith, Marc Hamel and Steve Gagnon
(photo by Eric Dube)

The Four Jousters! with Steve Gagnon, Jezz Smith, Patrice Rolland and Marc Hamel
(photo by Eric Dube)

Bar Fight! with Patrice Rolland, Marc Hamel, Jezz Smith and Steve Gagnon(photo by Eric Dube)

Et tu, Jezz? with Marc Hamel and Jezz Smith(photo by Eric Dube)

Heavy Metal! with Steve Gagnon, Jezz Smith, Patrice Rolland and Marc Hamel
(photo by Eric Dube)

Click on these links to see the photo album of these promotional pictures on the Tournoi International de Joute du Duché de Bicolline Facebook page.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Le Pas d'Armes du Papegault 2014

Text and photos provided by Caroline LaBrie
Edited by Zhi Zhu

A brand new event took place on June 7 and 8 at popular LARP site Le Duché de Bicolline. Les Pas d'Armes du Papegault is an invitational tournament featuring mounted skill at arms(MSA individual skills-quintain, rings, cut and thrust), mounted hunting skills (archery and javelin) and, of course, jousting. The event brought together 14 participants from all over Quebec.

Michel Arsenault, Jean-sebastien Drapeau, Jessy Dufresne and Stephane Tramblay are just a few of the competitors at Les Pas d'Armes du Papegault 2014(photo by Eric Dube)

In the morning, guests chose between a mounted archery clinic led by master archer Patrick Doiron (Escole du Grand Arc) or a weapons training clinic offered by Marc Hamel, international jouster (pollaxe, javelin and lance). Brand-new equipment and lots of new mounts were put to the test and performed brilliantly.

Ann Titley participates in the archery clinic at Les Pas d'Armes du Papegault 2014
(photo by Eric Dube)

Later in the day, under a bright blue sky, the riders competed in a friendly competition organized by Productions Arion. Reenactment group Montjoie served as marshals, while our herald, Jean-François Blais, better known as "Jactance," entertained the crowd with colourful facts about jousting and skills at arms.

Jean-François Blais heralds Les Pas d'Armes du Papegault 2014(photo by Eric Dube)

Results for the first edition of Les Pas d'Armes du Papegault held at Le Duché de Bicolline on June 7th & 8th 2014:

Mounted Skill at Arms:
1st Jean-Sébastien Drapeau 14pts
2nd Jessy Dufresne 12pts
3rd Alexandre Marcotte 11pts

Jean-Sebastien Drapeau, winner of the MSA competition at Les Pas d'Armes du Papegault 2014
(photo by Eric Dube)

Saturday Joust:
1st Jessy Dufresne 16pts
2nd Jean-Sébastien Drapeau 15pts
3rd Michel Arsenault 14pts

Jessy Dufresne won the Saturday Joust at Les Pas d'Armes du Papegault 2014
(photo by Eric Dube)

Mounted Hunting Skills:
1st Jessy Dufresne 12pts
2nd Hélène Lacombe 10pts
3rd TIE between Patrick Doiron and Jean-Sebastien Drapeau 9pts

Jessy Dufresne also won the Mounted Hunting Skills competition at Les Pas d'Armes du Papegault 2014(photo by Eric Dube)

Sunday Joust:
1st Stéphane Tremblay 25pts
2nd Jean-Sebastien Drapeau 23pts
3rd Marc Hamel 12pts

Stephane Trembley, first place Sunday Joust, jousts Jean-Sebastien Drapeau, second place Sunday Joust, during Les Pas d'Armes du Papegault 2014(photo by Eric Dube)

It was exciting to test the new set-up, as competitors will soon be flying in from England, New Zealand, France and the United States for the Duché de Bicolline International Jousting Tournament on August 30, 31 and September 1. For the event, 16 competitors will face off in this wonderful and unique environment.

This second edition of Les Pas d'Armes du Papegault (IJL affiliated) will welcome eight competitors, and the first Tournoi International de joute du Duché de Bicolline will unite eight well-known jousters from around the world (Worldjoust affiliated). The event will feature incredible displays of jousting, mounted archery, mounted skill at arms and ground combat, as well as reenactment camps, jesters, craftsmen, historians and presentations for all ages.

Don't miss this incredible event on August 30, 31 and September 1!

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Courtly Games & Fun: True melee and Jousting in Hämeenlinna

The jousting group Rohan Tallit recently put on a display of jousting, mounted skill at arms and mounted melee in Finland.

According to Jaako Nuotio, the leader of Rohan Tallit:
"It is an event held yearly in town of Tavastehus in Finland. Selected jousters will compete against each other in skills & jousting & melee. And to keep people interested there is also quite much visual elements in place as in later medieval times. There is around 20000 spectators each year."