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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jousting in the News 2-21-12 through 2-29-12

News articles related to jousting that were published between Feb 21 and Feb 28, 2012.
*** recommended articles

Chicago Now: Riot Gear for Police Horses May Bring Surprises (somewhat tongue-in-cheek article about the possibility of using FMJ style armor for mounted police and their horses.)

TV Geek Army: Full Metal Jousting, "Unhorsed": controlling the pain (another review of FMJ)

Broadcaster Magazine: History Television Announces Spring Line-up (mentions FMJ's premier on Canadian television)

***TV Guide: Watch My Show: Full Metal Jousting's Craig Piligian Answers Our Showrunner Survey (Rather humorous interview about why you should watch FMJ)

Scoop independent News: Northland Field Days To Feature Tractor Fires And Jousting (mentions jousting demonstration at New Zealand Farmers Fair)

GLAAD: What to Watch: This Weekend, February 24-26 (LGBT list of recommended tv shows that mentions FMJ)

TV Geek Army: Full Metal Jousting, "Death Sticks & a Coffin": turn and burn (review of FMJ that actually mentions the importance of the horses)

The Return of the King (of Contact Sports): The Joust (a slightly inaccurate, but enthusiastic, comparison of jousting to football and hockey)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Charlie Andrews and Steve Hemphill Cross Lances in the Joust

This past weekend at the Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire, two leading figures from two very different schools of competitive jousting – Charlie Andrews and Steve Hemphill – met in the tilt yard for the first time.

Charlie Andrews (photo by JJ Kelley and NGT)
Charlie Andrews, from the tv show "Knights of Mayhem", is best known for his promotion of the blunt force style of jousting he calls “Full Contact Jousting” where opponents try to unhorse one another by using a solid wood lance to strike a specialized piece of shoulder armor called a gridded grand guard. Although skill is definitely necessary in this style of jousting, the size and strength of the competitors are, in some ways, more important. Also, historical accuracy is not as important as hard-hitting action, and injuries are an expected part of the competition.

Steve Hemphill (photo by Christopher Vaughn Strever)
Steve Hemphill is the producer (and 2011 winner of the Joust a'Plaisance) of “Lysts on the Lake”, the largest competitive jousting tournament (in terms of number of competitors) in the world today according to the International Jousting League. His precision oriented style of jousting is based on the historical Joust a'Plaisance(joust of peace), in which opponents scored points for breaking their lances on their opponent's ecranche (a small shield covering the left shoulder). Since an injured knight became a liability rather than an asset, this style of joust was designed to demonstrate a knight's precision and control of the lance with minimized risk to the competitors. The lances were designed with frangible(relatively easy to break) wood forming at least part of the lance. These frangible lances would break dramatically upon direct impact against the opponent's ecranche. Unhorsing your opponent was not intended – though it still occasionally occurred. Although the risk of injury is reduced using the Joust a'Plaisance style, it is not entirely eliminated, as demonstrated by the injuries to England's King Henry VIII and the death of France's King Henry II during jousting tournaments.

Although Charlie and Steve generally compete in different styles of jousting, the two put aside their differences in order to compete directly with each other for the first, but probably not the last, time.

(video by MrBreathard)

Steve Hemphill was kind enough to answer a few questions about his experiences jousting against Charlie Andrews.

When you first heard of Charlie Andrews and the style of jousting that he does, what did you think of him and his style of jousting?

Steve: My first exposure to Charlie was in the New York Times article “Is Jousting the Next Extreme Sport” in the summer of 2010. The article further emphasized the division in the competitive jousting community by labeling the “American” style jousters as “as a bunch of ego-driven braggarts who have substituted brute force for safety” and the “European” style as being “froufrou and weak” and “a sorority pillow fight.” I’m a historical jouster that enjoys the “European” style so I, understandably, had a strong opinion of how Charlie was portrayed in that article. However, a few months later, I had the chance to meet Charlie at the “Tournament of the Phoenix” in Poway, CA. and saw that he was considerably different than what I had assumed from the article. Over the next year or so he and I had some strong words on the various internet boards about our very different approaches to the sport.

Now that you have met Charlie Andrews and jousted against him, what do you think of him and his style of jousting?

Steve: I produce events for a living and also as the producer of the “Lysts on the Lake”, I’ve been primarily interested in seeing the sport grow with a modern audience since 2005. Because Charlie and I have the same goals (but very different approaches), I decided it might be worth our while to put aside our differences and embrace the many ideals that we actually shared. We had a long talk at the Texas Renaissance Festival in Nov. of 2011 and, for all intents and purposes, put aside our differences and have concentrated on how both of our strengths can help progress the sport.

Charlie has always presented the challenge to the jousting community that he would joust anyone, anywhere, any time and any style, so I took him up on it. Due to the inherent danger of the sport, jousters want to only joust against skilled opponents. I’ve watched Charlie for about 18 months and he certainly is a skilled jouster so I looked forward to crossing lances with him someday. With his involvement with Sherwood Forest Faire (near Austin Texas), I finally had the opportunity to do so. He invited me, I accepted and we crossed lances, in my style, and I had a fantastic time. So much so that not only will I be jousting at Sherwood again over the run of the faire but an in the process of bring some of my jousting friends to participate as well.

Charlie and his crew (Becca, DJ, Brian, Eddy and Federico) were not only accommodating and inviting but quite honourable and helpful all weekend long. I look forward to playing with them again.

What style of jousting did you use for your match and why?

Steve: We jousted in my style with my lances. Although he did retain his grand guard (16th c.) and I my ecranche (15th c.). You would not have seen this type of matchup in a historical context as my armour is about 60 years older than his….but it was fun, none the less.

How do you feel the competition went?

Steve: Wonderfully! Charlie can consistently put lance on target time after time which is what you want in this sport. At no point did I ever feel that I or my horse were in danger.

Who won?

Steve: The audience….from the sound of their cheers, we gave them a wonderful show! I would also say that, because we earned one another’s respect, that Charlie and I won as well.

If given the chance, would you joust against Charlie again?

Steve: Certainly! We’ll do it again this weekend!

(video by MrBreathard)

Charlie Andrews and the Knights of Mayhem Joust at Sherwood Forest Faire

Video of Charlie Andrews and the Knights of Mayhem jousting at this year's Sherwood Forest Faire.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

In Remembrance of Duke -- A Great Jousting Horse

A few days ago, the sport of jousting lost one of its beloved horses due to complications of cancer. Duke was a big beautiful Belgian, owned and trained to joust by Steve Weems. Many people involved in the sport of jousting will miss this wonderful horse.

In December, 2011, Steve Weems wrote:
"After almost 12 years of loyalty, I am sad to announce that Duke has been retired from Jousting this week. He has been one of the most solid horses I have ever had the pleasure of riding. He came to me in 1999 from a guy up in Angels Camp, CA who used him for nothing else but hauling his beer kegs to campouts. He had never had any kind of medical care and most likely no foot or hoof maintenance and he was 10 years old.

After bucking off Patrick Lambke and breaking Patricks leg, I figured Duke was a good judge of character and that he should come home with me. After living in my care for seven months he did his first Joust in a Azure Cross show at the Kearny Renaissance Faire when Beltain Lamed up. Duke was flawless and has not faltered a single time in the list ever.

He became known as the automatic transmission because he was so dependable and would more so than not carry the less experienced knights down the list. From 2002 to 2005 he was the quintessential Gold horse as part of the gold team of Knights of Avalon. After that he even put up with Patrick Lambke during performances. In 2005 I took him to the Sheridan Hughes Tournament in Calgary where he received the award for "Best Horse". He has performed in a couple of movie shoots and tv appearances. One was "Americas Most Wanted" where he carried a 12 year old actress through banks of fog to his marks. The Director said he was the best animal she had ever worked with.

This year at approx. 24 years old, Duke traveled over 4000 miles and carried several knights down the list for "The Knights of Mayhem". He finished his career doing what he does best. Being loyal, Dedicated and Dependable. He is now with "Above and Beyond Ordinary" taking care of Handicapped and disabled children and receiving top care so that he can finish out his years in comfort." -- Steve Weems

"To Duke,
Never Faltering, Ever Steady, Always waited patiently at the end of the list until I was ready. You were the heart that keep me warm with your soft cheek against my face and your calming breath on my neck, and you always watched for me to show you what was next. We put our faith in each other, and though that we gained strength & trust, building a bond such as no other. Now that you have taken your leave with an eternal rest, I will always remember you as one of the best.
May you rest in peace my most dedicated Friend, Companion, and Partner" -- Steve Weems

"...Give angels wings to horses here
Who tarry on and show no fear
No sabre, shot nor cannons roar
Should still the hearts who can’t give more

Lay down the steeds in pastures green
Where smoke and fire are never seen
Quiet ears and eyes that know such hell
Till in your heavens they may dwell..."
-- excerpt from "A Calvary Soldier's Prayer" by Robin Shields, 6th Ohio Calvary
(posted by Jeff Cavazos in regards to Duke's passing)

"Here is Duke, loved this horse" -- Talon Mckenna

"Oh, what a loss for the jousting world. He was a good horse." -- Mary Taylor

"I was a quintain for Duke's very first public joust. And I think Weemsies too. I dunno who was more green broke at the time. But I'll always love Duke for trying so hard to avoid running down the skinny kid with a ring in his hand. Condolences to his family and riders who loved him." -- Maeve Kelly

"Steve Weems rescued Duke and not only gave him a second chance, he gave him a life! Duke traveled all over North America jousting and retired with teaching mentally challenged kids how to ride and have a good time. Eleven years of blood sweat and beers later, it is an honor to have ridden him, been his friend, walked him in the middle of the night because of colic, and he is, and always will be a friend." -- Jay Thompson

"Duke was the first horse that I befriended when I came to The Knights of Avalon. I loved him. We seemed to have a bond. Thanks Duke for making me understand you and the others. I will always love you!" -- Nancy Vasquez

If you knew Duke, feel free to comment about your experiences with him below. If you have other pictures of Duke that you would like to have posted on this page, just send me the link, and I will add them.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Four Winds Faire Jousting Tournament

Jousting Tournament announcement:

The Four Winds Renaissance Faire offers the eighteenth annual eight week open tournament to pick the five top Texas knights to represent the state of Texas in the US/International Jousting Tournament held in Estes Park, Colorado every September as part of the Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival.

During the Four Winds Faire Jousting Tournament, preliminary jousting takes place each weekend between March 3 through April 15, 2012 at noon and 5pm daily. The final jousting competition takes place the weekend of April 21 & 22, 2012.

Activities include:
Games -- Rings, Quintain, thrown spear and Saracen Heads
Full Armored Jousting -- With Grand Guard, Sheild, and Ecranche
Mounted Combat -- Baston Duello and field battles.

Come spend your Day with our knights!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some Jousters and Their Jousting Horses

Recently on FaceBook, some jouster friends of mine started posting pictures and telling brief stories about the horses that they have used for jousting. Horses are vitally important to the sport of jousting, yet there doesn't seem to be much attention paid to them online. So I'm creating a list of horses used in jousting with, hopefully, a little information about each of them. It's obviously not a complete list, but I will try to include as many jousting horses and their stories as I can. Feel free to email me with pictures and stories about your jousting horses to be included.

Ann Harrington Shilling and Knarr
"Knarr. He was not my horse, but I was kindly loaned him for a couple of years and he taught me a lot. He was about 35 in this photo, still going strong." -- Ann Harrington Shilling

Andre Renier and Riley
"Rilius "Riley" Maximus - When Riley came into my life I had no intention of jousting with him. Several years before I had put out an add for a horse that began with, "Utility horse wanted..." and ended with. "I don't mind if they're smarter than me as long they don't rub it in my face." L dale Walter called me one day to tell me of a horse that was perfect for me. Riley is perfect for me. When I arrive each day at the barn we greet each other from across the many acres. Walking toward each other for a hug and then back to the barn to begin our day. While I am an accomplished rider he continues to teach me daily. His patience and understanding have made me a better man. His friendship has made me a better friend. My hope, is that in some small way, I am able to return the gifts." -- Andre Renier

Arthur Smith and his horses
"I have had 2 main mounts in my 6 years. The first was a spotted draft named Whisper. She was great, But I was new and MAN did she have my number! She could drop me 1 out of 5 passes my first two years. She'd stop right at the point of impact when I was not concentrating on her, I'd come off, and she'd look at me like, "What?" lol" -- Arthur Smith

"My second mainstay is my Clydesdale Elijah. He's a big old puppy dog. Use to be I was the only one that could get him to work. I think he and I were just on the same wave length: lazy when we can get away with it!" -- Arthur Smith

Bill Woodford and the horses he's ridden



Bobbie Patterson and Apollo
"What can I say about Apollo... he is my equine soul-mate, he can make me laugh and cry, I am blessed to have such a talented horse as my mount, a true Spanish Andalusian, trained and shown in Spain and the Netherlands, until he was imported into the U.S. Having a mind of his own took him out of the dressage ring and into the Joust arena... he's my boy, I love him." -- Bobbie Patterson

Charlie Andrews and Jaegermeister

Dale Walter and Brenin
"Brenin is a 8 year old Belgian/Quarter cross who has been referred to as a "hay burning dragster" due to his unbelievable speed and acceleration ESPECIALLY for a horse his size. Brenin is the finest horse I have ever ridden, and he LOVES the competition of jousting. He and I have been an inseperable team from day one." -- Dale Walter

Dave Wise and Ladybug

David Mesimer and Reggie
"Here is a pic of Me and my jousting Tennessee Walking Horse,Reggie. I'm the Program Director for EAFK in the Carolinas. We are new to the jousting world." -- David Mesimer

David Young and Boccaccio
"This is Boccaccio. 12 year old Thoroughbred/Percheron cross. Unfortunately, my lance is shooting blanks in this photo." -- David Young

Dustin Stephens and Sampson

Dusty Martel and Vego

Elizabeth A Laubhan and Sweet Zorro
"This is me with my Sweet Zorro. He is a Welsh pony Missouri Fox Trotter cross. He is just under 14 hands but doesn't know it. He loves facing down the big horses in he list and does not bat an eye" -- Elizabeth A Laubhan

Federico Serna and Captain

Heather Perillo and Darktanion
"Darktanion is a 15 year old friesian stallion. He is trained in lower level dressage and is our breeding stallion at New Horizons Ranch. We thought we'd see how he liked the joust field in 2011. Both of us were brand new to the jousting world, and, after only 6 lessons, we did an 8 weekend season at a local renn faire competing in the Skills-At-Arms. After the faire ended, we proceeded to compete at Lysts on the Lake 2011, where we ended up placing in the middle of the ranks for the Skills-At-Arms. He was used by a different rider for the joust during the renn faire season and did very well in that also. All in all, He's proven himself a wonderful joust horse and I look forward to having him as my partner for years to come." -- Heather Perillo

Jefferson Pike and Frankie
"This is Frankie...a 16.3 Thoroughbred who was left in a field to die and was basically a skeleton. Now he is my wingman and is incredible in the lists, jousting since day one in the tiltyard. Schoolkids love his story, and he's a great horse for training our new riders. At 20 yrs old, he's been jousting for about two years now." -- Jefferson Pike

Joel Hill's horse Ares
"This is Ares. 16.3hh Knabstrupper, Warmblood, Thoroughbred cross. We're both learning how to train to joust and do the games which is becoming an adventure to say the least." -- Joel Hill

Kelly Hicks and Sam
"Sam is 12 years young now, at 16.3hh. Shortly after I started jousting, I started looking for a prospective mount. The first horse I looked at was Sam. Very under weight, and unhealthy, I knew there was something special about him, so I took a chance and bought him, and boy was I right! After 2 months of training, we both were competing in tournaments, and winning several matches. He has proven to be worth his weight in gold to me, and I don't think there is any other horse I would rather joust off of than him!" -- Kelly Hicks

Krissie England and Loki

Matt Daniel and Rock
"This is Rock. When he isn't jousting, he works as a patrol horse in Houston. I don't think I've ever been on a better horse." -- Matt Daniel

Ryan Saathoff and Ziggy
"When I first met Ziggy, he was 150 pounds underweight, covered in rain rot and had serious problems with ulcers. I knew the moment I saw him that he was a very sweet horse in spite of the neglect he had suffered, and that there was no way in hell we were going home with an empty trailer. He's taught me so much about being a good horseman, and at 24, he's still going strong! I don't think I could have asked for a better first horse." -- Ryan Saathoff

Scott Wilson and Pocket

Sean Gullick and Red

Shawn Morrow and Starbuck

Steve Hemphill and his horses
"This is Lucky. 19 year old, 15.2hh, American QH, my first jousting horse and I've ridden him since 2003. He can turn on a dime so he's fantastic at the games and the melee. I also do eventing and dressage with him. He knows his job and loves his job. When I close my visor and take up a lance it's all I can do to keep him from heading down the tilt." -- Steve Hemphill

"This is the newcomer "Tinkerbell"...a 9 year old, 16.3hh, Friesian/Percheron mare. I wasn't looking for a new jousting horse but she fell into my lap after I had watched her for a year before buying her. She was perfect for the joust so I swept her up, trained her and we rode to victory as the winners of the joust at "Lysts on the Lake" 2011 one month later. I'm currently training with her in dressage but her idea of "jumping" is more like "bull dozing"! She's strong, dedicated and has a heart of gold. Some of her fans have given her the motto "Tinkerbell go SMASH!"" -- Steve Hemphill

Steve Martel and Aries

Tiffany Geissendorff and Ladybug

Virginia Hankins and Casanova
"Casanova stole my heart the first day I saw him. He was standing on a hill over a herd of horses in pasture one day when I was driving to the barn. It was like one of the beautiful black stallions from my childhood dreams had suddenly come to life. You can imagine my delight a few months later when I was in the market for a new stunt horse and he was in the line of animals to try out. My Azteca is the most fun-loving and people-friendly horse I've ever met; I absolutely adore him. He greets me every morning with a whinny and a hug and will even make funny faces when I'm feeling down!" -- Virginia Hankins
(Photo by Andrew Nimrod)

In Memoriam

Duke (ridden by Steve Weems in photo)
"To Duke,
Never Faltering, Ever Steady, Always waited patiently at the end of the list until I was ready. You were the heart that keep me warm with your soft cheek against my face and your calming breath on my neck, and you always watched for me to show you what was next. We put our faith in each other, and though that we gained strength & trust, building a bond such as no other. Now that you have taken your leave with an eternal rest, I will always remember you as one of the best.
May you rest in peace my most dedicated Friend, Companion, and Partner" -- Steve Weems

Sadly, Duke passed away in February 2012 due to complications from cancer. He will be sorely missed by many in the jousting community. Click here to see the Duke's memorial page.

Zeus (ridden by Steve Weems in photo)
"Yesterday [April 21, 2010] was a sad day. We had to Lay Zeus to rest due to Cancer that had caused his lungs to fill with fluid. He was 13 years old.

Anyone that had ever seen Zeus was awe inspired not only by his size but also his Presence and Speed. He was 18.2 hands tall, weighed close to 2100 lbs and could run as fast as an Arabian. In fact he beat an Arabian in a flat out race once. Zeus Definitely lived up to his name for he was a god among horses. To joust on him was always an adventure. With his sheer size and speed it often made opposing knights uncomfortable to have to Joust against him. He would take off at a charge so quickly that a "whip lash effect would travel through my Armour causing it to sound like a metal "Bullwhip". Lances would sometimes fly 30-40 feet backwards from the speed and virtuosity of a well placed hit!

Zeus had a "child like" personality and would act up on occasion. Only if you proved to him that you were really his partner and were working together then he would shine. He would require an extra effort on the part of the handler/rider but when that connection was made, he would really prove what an incredible animal he really was! Anything not worth working for is not worth having! Zeus had a non stop attitude and would run and run, even with abscesses and torn ligaments, he would not stop. I once did 11 non stop Passes with him and he charged full speed on everyone of them while my opponent's horse would "trot" down.

He has also been immortalized in the Music Video "N' Dey Say" by Nelly, and a International Print Ad for the "Honda Ruin" Motorcycle. He has traveled the county competing in Jousting Shows Entertaining thousands and thousands of people. He may have passed at a young age but he has done more than most humans. "The Light that burns twice as bright burns half as long" and he has ever burned so brightly!

When he was sedated yesterday before being euthanized, He lay down and I held his head in my lap and arms while he passed.

May you forever charge through the heavens." -- Steve Weems

SCA Equestrian practice this Friday in Los Angeles, CA area

Announcement from Virginia Hankins:

Heads up: Our fabulous SCA equestrian practice is THIS Friday Feburary 24, 2012 from 7-9PM at Conejo Creek Equestrian Park in Thousand Oaks, CA. Come on out and get your war horse face on. Free, no experience necessary, weapons provided, bring your own destrier. (I love my job lol)

Directions: (enter the park from Avenida De Las Flores, the entrance is next to the dog park driveway)

Map to ETI Corral 37 Connejo Creek Equestrian Park

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jousting in the News 2-14-12 through 2-20-12

News articles related to jousting that were published between Feb 14, 2012 and Feb 20, 2012. Mostly related to the new History tv show "Full Metal Jousting".

Delaware Online: 'Full Metal Jousting' brings extreme sport into History's present (review of FMJ)

TV Geek Army: Full Metal Jousting, "The Ultimate Extreme Sport": medieval mayhem (yet another review of FMJ)

Houston Press: Reality Bites: “Full Metal Jousting” (another review of FMJ)

USA Today: Video: I try on an 85-pound suit of armor! (A girl gets her dream of trying on the FMJ armor) ZipCam Makes History With Cable Camera System (talks about new camera technology used to film “Full Metal Jousting”) Full Metal Jousting (another short review of FMJ)

Herald-Mail: 'Joust' another day in the seed business (story about Maryland man who regrets giving up jousting back in 1965 in order to run his family's seed business)

3News: Jousting hits the small screen with new reality show (New Zealand review of FMJ)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How Much Weight Can a Horse Carry?

Thanks to The Tilt and Tack Shoppe for this useful information.

How much weight can a horse carry?

Twenty percent of its body weight in general. A horse in good shape and at proper body weight can carry approximately 20% of its body weight. That does not mean the rider can weigh 20% of the horse's weight. That means that the total or gross weight a horse can carry -- including rider, tack, costume, armor, etc. -- should not exceed 20% of the horse's own weight. That percentage should be reduced if the horse has a narrow build, especially if the horse is narrow in the muscles along the back. The percentage should also be reduced if the horse will be carrying weight (like armor) in front of the withers or behind the point of the hip.

What do you need:

  • Bathroom Scale
  • Equine Weight Measuring Tape

Weigh yourself dressed in your riding attire. Weigh all tack, gear, costumes, water bottles etc. that you will put on the horse. Add all of that up. Follow the directions on the Equine Weight Measuring Tape and estimate the weight of you horse. If you are unsure of your horses weight ask your horse care professional if the estimate is correct and if your horse is in proper shape (round is a shape but like humans not the best for horses).


My horse’s estimated weight is 1321 lbs. multiplied by .20 (20%) equals gross horse carrying capacity of 264.2 lbs.

1321 lbs. X .2 = 264.2 lbs. (horses maximum carrying capacity)

In this example if you and your gear weigh more than 264.2 lbs. you need to lighten the load or change horses.

Again, thanks to The Tilt and Tack Shoppe for this useful tip.  Check out their online shop for other useful information as well as various equestrian products.

Other links:

A few other methods for determining how much weight a horse can carry compiled by Randall Holman

Horse Science News: How Much Weight Can a Horse Carry?

Journal of Equine Veterinary Science: Evaluation of Indicators of Weight-Carrying Ability of Light Riding Horses

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jousting in the News 2-7-12 through 2-13-12

Lately, all the news articles about jousting seem to be about History Channel's new show "Full Metal Jousting"
***Recommended articles

Full Metal Jousting, featuring Newton native, premieres Sunday on the History channel (discusses show-jumper James Fairclough's participation in FMJ)

***Try Medieval Hot Pants? Surely, You Joust (Somewhat humorous review of FMJ)

New York Times reporter Neil Genzlinger tries out the gear for Full Metal Jousting

Interview with Jake Nodar of "Full Metal Jousting" (exactly what it sounds like)

History channel offers "Full Metal Jousting," competitive reality series (review of FMJ)

'Full Metal Jousting,' too much ado (very negative review of FMJ)

Jousting for the Masses: Shane Adams of Renaissance Festival fame takes jousting to reality TV (review of FMJ)

Yet another challenge met head on: Charlton native's jousting talent will be on display Sunday night on new History Channel show (discusses Paul Suda's participation in FMJ)

Knight Life (discusses Jason Armstrong's experiences as a jouster, mentions “Knights of Mayhem”)

Dallas man hopes to make an impact on 'Full Metal Jousting' (discusses Jack Mathis participation in FMJ)

***'Full Metal Jousting' Puts Contestants Into The Ultimate Game Of Armored Chicken (Nice review of FMJ, includes quotes from Shane Adams)

'Full Metal Jousting' Coming to your TV Sunday (review of FMJ, includes video)

'Full Metal Jousting' brings medieval sport to reality TV (review of FMJ)

***Can Full Metal Jousting Become the Next Ultimate Fighting Championship? (review of FMJ)

'Full Metal Jousting' Premiere: Updated Medieval Full-Contact Sport Comes To Television (review of FMJ, includes video)

'Full Metal Jousting' premiere review: 'Oooof! That hurt!' (review of FMJ)

History's New Series "Full Metal Jousting" Premieres to 1.9 Million Total Viewers (review of FMJ)

Two North Texans Competing In Reality Show About Jousting (discusses Jack Mathis and Rope Myers participation in FMJ)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


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Blog Posts About Jousting From 1-23-12 to 2-12-12

Posted 1-23-12 "Donkey Sense: Preparing for Lysts on the Lake 2012" -- ZhiZhu talks about being married to a competitive jouster, Foxfire, and how he is preparing for a jousting tournament. One picture and a couple of useful links.

Posted 1-24-12 "Donkey Sense: Could a Jousting Accident Have Been the Reason that Henry VIII Became Such a Tyrant?" -- Information about Henry VIII's jousting accidents. How people worry when their loved ones compete in this dangerous sport. A couple of pictures and several informative links.

Posted 1-24-12 "Donkey Sense: Preparing for Lysts 2012 - Jousting Practice Jan 22" -- ZhiZhu talks about her horses, Shadowfax and Ziggy, and how her husband is working with both in preparation for Lysts on the Lake Competitive Jousting Tournament. She also mentions the various other jousters and ground crew that her husband Foxfire trains with. Lots of pictures.

Gideon on Saga makes a pass against the quintain.

Posted 1-24-12 "Wyvern Oaks: Jousting Practice 1/22/2012" -- JenJ shares information about training her horse, Saga, and her husband, Gideon, for jousting. Includes some info about the armor used. Several pictures and a couple of informative links.

Posted 2-2-12 "Wyvern Oaks: Jousting (because no one really cares about anything else we've been doing)" -- JenJ shares more information about training horse, Saga, and husband, Gideon, for jousting. More info about the armor used. Lots of pictures. One video.

Posted 2-5-12 "Wyvern Oaks: Saga is a Certified Jousting Pony :)" -- A teaser with two pictures and two short videos leading up to Saga's first jousting passes.

Posted 2-7-12 "Wyvern Oaks: Certified Jousting Pony Part II" -- Information about the difference between foam jousting and balsa jousting. Some general information about armor. Why jousters need ground crew/squires. Lots of pictures, several videos.

Posted 2-7-12 "G is for Greta: Jousting Practice with JenJ!" -- Bre shares a nice HD video of jousting practice with JenJ.

Posted 2-12-12 "Wyvern Oaks: Jousting Practice Cancelled Due to Snow!!!" -- JenJ shares how she and her husband had to change their plans to practice jousting because it was snowing in Texas! One picture and a link to Bre's blog.

Posted 2-12-12 "G is for Greta: In Response..." -- Bre explains why she does not think that JenJ and her husband are insane because they joust. Lots of pictures.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jousting Horses For Sale

If you have a jousting horse or horses for sale, please email me the information, pictures and/or video links that you would like posted.

For Sale

Shire/Thoroughbred gelding for sale
currently located in Greenville, IN 47124
For more information contact Sandy Dolan
phone: 812-923-6102
Email Sandy

From the owner:
We have a 2003 16.3 Shire-Thoroughbred gelding who has big ground eating strides aptly named Gladiator. He was a stallion until the age of 2 but was never bred. Because he was gelded late he still has retained that bold brave attitude that we always felt would make a great jousting or Renaissance horse. He is a big powerful horse but well trained and was shown in dressage and trail ridden on overnight camping trips. We've had him since the age of 2 but our circumstances have changed and sadly we must sell him to a great new home. Let me say I would not want to be the person on the other side jousting against this horse as he can move and has a lot of power behind him and when I see him galloping I think charger. Horse is located in Greenville, IN 47124. Picture of him is below. We are asking $6,000 for our big beautiful boy. Serious inquirers can contact us at: 812-923-6102 or by email.

Thank you,
Sandy Dolan
Cedar Ridge Farm

Shire/TB gelding Gladiator(photo from Sandy Dolan)

Percheron/Friesian gelding for sale
currently located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
For more information contact Devon Moore
Email Devon

From the email his owner sent me:
"I am selling my 8 y.o. Friesian/Percheron Cross, and trying to get the word out to the Medieval re-enacting, jousting communities. He sure looks the part of the Medieval War Horse!"

See also her ad in "The Chronicle of the Horse"

(photo from TCOTH ad)

Clydesdale gelding for sale
Currently located in Madera, California, USA
For more information contact Lisa Schafer
Email Lisa
Phone number: 559-994-9613

From the email his owner sent me:
"He would make a great jousting horse for a person who can spend the time with him. He is hard to find a home for because most draft people are looking for lazy calm horses (myself included). Rocket is by no means calm and lazy. He has so much energy I can't give him the exercise he needs to be happy and safe. Hopefully, this site might facilitate the match for him and an appropriate human partner. He is an AMAZING horse. I am selling him with a heavy heart."

(photo from Craigslist ad)

For more info and pictures, check out the ad on Craigslist.

At Stud:
From New Horizons Ranch (60 miles east of Dallas, TX)

IFCA Registered and Approved Purebred Friesian Stallion (also registered FHH, FHANA and the FSHR.)
Ranked 4th USEF All Breeds Leading Half Arabian Sires for 2006
Open Division, Year End High Point Champion for 2008 with the Tri-State Dressage Society(In his FIRST year training and competing)
The ONLY Friesian stallion approved as Foundation stock by the SDHR!

Fee: $850 to all Breeds ($300 Booking Fee included)
We do shipped fresh Semen only, No live cover.

Multiple Mare Discount!
Book 2 or more mares at the same time and receive a 10% discount!

Click here for more information, or email New Horizons Ranch