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Monday, February 20, 2012

Jousting in the News 2-14-12 through 2-20-12

News articles related to jousting that were published between Feb 14, 2012 and Feb 20, 2012. Mostly related to the new History tv show "Full Metal Jousting".

Delaware Online: 'Full Metal Jousting' brings extreme sport into History's present (review of FMJ)

TV Geek Army: Full Metal Jousting, "The Ultimate Extreme Sport": medieval mayhem (yet another review of FMJ)

Houston Press: Reality Bites: “Full Metal Jousting” (another review of FMJ)

USA Today: Video: I try on an 85-pound suit of armor! (A girl gets her dream of trying on the FMJ armor) ZipCam Makes History With Cable Camera System (talks about new camera technology used to film “Full Metal Jousting”) Full Metal Jousting (another short review of FMJ)

Herald-Mail: 'Joust' another day in the seed business (story about Maryland man who regrets giving up jousting back in 1965 in order to run his family's seed business)

3News: Jousting hits the small screen with new reality show (New Zealand review of FMJ)

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