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Friday, February 10, 2012

About The Jousting Life

This blog was created to be a space where jousters and those who support them can share their experiences related to jousting -- training for jousting, competing in jousting, making/buying/selling armor and other equipment, training/buying/selling horses, injuries from jousting, recovering from injuries, and anything else that relates to the jousting life.

If you have your own blog where you write about your experiences, you can send me a link to a specific post and I will create a post on this blog with a few highlights from your entry and a link to your blog page. I will also include your blog's feed in the list of blogs in the sidebar. If you don't have your own blog, but would like to post articles, pictures and/or video on this blog, email me with the content you would like me to post and I will create a post for you. If you want to become a regular writer on this blog, I can also arrange for you to be able to create your own posts. However, I reserve the right to edit or delete anything that I find offensive.

If you know of a jousting tournament that is not already listed on the "Jousting Tournaments" page, please send me information about it, so that it can be included in the schedule. If you make and/or sell equipment used in jousting, you can email me and I will list your business on the "Jousting Equipment For Sale" page. If you have used jousting equipment that you would like to sell or trade, it can be listed on the "Used Jousting Equipment For Sale or Trade" page. If you have an arena and hold jousting practices where other jousters would be welcome, I will list your general area and contact information on the "Places to Practice Jousting" page. If you are hosting a tournament or know of a tournament involving jousting (this includes demonstrations and performances as well as competitions), that still needs or welcomes other jousters, I will list the information on the "Jousters Needed or Welcomed" page. If you are looking for a horse or have a horse to sell, I will list it on the "Horses Sought/Horses For Sale" page.

If you have suggestions for how I can improve this blog, feel free to email me.


  1. Hello!
    I was wondering, for someone just starting out, are there schools or lessons to learn to joust?
    Thanks! Great blog!!

    1. If you look on the page "Places to practice jousting", there are a few joust schools listed.

      If you don't live near any of these places, try contacting the Society for Creative Anachronism ( to see if a chapter near you does equestrian events.