The Jousting Life

Monday, February 3, 2014

Video: Demonstration of Mounted Combat in Armour

In November of 2013, Arne Koets, on his Andalusian gelding Maximillian, and Joram van Essen, on his Murgese stallion Zogo, did a demonstration of mounted combat in armour as the intermezzo at a dressage competition. The event took place at De Hollandsche Manege in Amsterdam, the oldest riding school in the Netherlands(still extant). Ben van Koert, who is both a film maker and jouster, was there, and he created this short video of the demonstration.

Arne Koets on Maximillian and Joram van Essen on Zogo, mounted combat demonstration
(video by Ben van Koert/Kaos Historical Media)

Here is what Arne Koets had to say about the demonstration:
"We did a display for my old student riding club H.O.R.S. in (downtown)Amsterdam. It was meant for a riding audience, so we tried to concentrate on riding in combat, but we combined it into a sort of story, which is kinda lost in the filmcut. It explains why I did any garrocha at all, which is not known from any 15th century sources. It just seemed like an appropriate way to show off in the story.

But we liked it enough to publish it, because we did some nice jousting 'at large' (without a tiltrail) and we were quite happy about the passades which are a huge focus of renaissance riding manuals and is very likely to be meant by some passages in Don Duartes work Bem Cavalgar." - Arne Koets

BTW, according to Arne, H.O.R.S stands for "something REALLY obscurely ancient Greek, the society was formed over 100 years ago." He later told me that it stands for hippos ouch raidioos sfalletai, which translated from the Greek means, 'a horse doesn't trip easily' 'even the best hose trips occasionally'.