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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Random Pic: Fearing No Foe, a Tribute to 'The Jousting Artist' Graham Turner

This picture of jouster Arne Koets and his Andalusian gelding Maximilian is a photographic tribute to the painting "Fearing No Foe" by 'The Jousting Artist' Graham Turner.

Arne Koets in a photographic tribute to Graham Turner's painting "Fearing No Foe"
(photo by Anett Findeklee)

Professional photographer Anett Findeklee of Germany had read about Arne's 'crazy' life in the newspaper. Since Arne worked at the Hofreitschule not far from where Anett lived, they got together to take some pictures:
"I'm a photo journalist. I want to tell stories about humans, their lives, places, etc... Normally, I photograph reportages, series, essays. But the tribute to "Fearing No Foe" was also a great fairy tale." -- Anett Findeklee

Here is the painting that inspired the photograph.

"Fearing No Foe" by artist Graham Turner(photo from Studio 88)

And here is what Graham Turner himself had to say about the painting:

"This is the painting that started my diversification into medieval art twenty years ago. Having been freelance for eight years, mostly painting pictures of racing cars, I knew deep down that I needed to do something different to what my father was so well known for, and this was the result. More a fantasy painting really, an Arthurian knight errant riding through an ancient forest. I knew very little about armour at the time (so don’t be too critical!), and even less about history, but this sparked off that interest that quickly snowballed into something of an obsession!" -- Graham Turner

Graham's interest in knights and jousting led him to actually learn to joust himself. He trained with the English jousting troupe Destrier(see recent article about Destrier's joust training) and eventually competed in several tournaments. In 2010, he won the Queen's Jubilee Horn Trophy. You can read more about Graham's experiences training for and competing in the joust in the section "The Jousting Artist" of the Studio 88 website.

Graham Turner, the jousting artist, on his horse Magic(photo from Studio 88)

You can see more of Graham's historical artwork, including his jousting paintings, on the website for Studio 88. You can also buy giclee prints, canvas prints or greeting cards of his work.

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