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- New South Wales
- Quebec
- England
- Crimea
- Kyiv
- California
- Florida
- Michigan
- Minnesota
- Mississippi
- New Jersey
- New York
- Oregon
- Texas
- Washington state
- Wisconsin


- New South Wales

Talerwin Forge
Alex Scheibner
PO Box 190
Rylstone NSW 2849 Australia
“We are the people you call when no one else can make what you want! We specialize in the custom reproduction of historical arms, armour and domestic items.”
Phone: 02 6379 1364
Email Talerwin Forge


- Quebec

Francois L’Archeveque – armourer
Beauport, Quebec, Canada G1E 1W3
“My name is Francois L’Archeveque and I am a craftsman who specializes in creating functional replicas of fifteenth century German sallets. However, I have also created replicas of various objects dating from the Roman era to the eighteenth century. And, of course, I can make jousting armour -- whether you need a complete suit or only one or more pieces. I usually make armour using either 1050 steel or mild steel depending on what you need. Do not hesitate to contact me about any project that you think I could create for you.”
Email Francois L'Archevique
Photo Gallery

L'Armurerie Dube
Eric Dube
Quebec, Canada
Email L'Armurerie Dube
Facebook page: Armure Dube


Piotr Feret
Bielsko-Biala, Poland
Email Platener
Alternate email
phone: +48 698 841 920

Tomek Samula
ul. Leszetyckiego 5/36
20-861 Lublin, Poland
Email Tomala


- Crimea

Roman Tereschenko
Simferpol City
Email Roman Tereschenko


- England

Englyshe Plate Armourie
Englyshe Plate Armourie was born of a passion for the recreation and purveyance of fine quality, authentic reproduction medieval armour. With a background in award winning vintage vehicle restoration and a Master’s degree in engineering the company’s founder, William West, aims to achieve the highest standards in his work. He believes that the only way to accomplish the required level of authenticity and excellence is through a combination of thorough research, experimentation and the application of armour production techniques that are as close as possible to those originally employed by armourers of long ago.
Email Englyshe Plate Armouries
Phone: 07742 958663

White Rose Armoury
Unit 59, Clocktower Business Centre, Works Road, Hollingwood, Chesterfield, Derbyshire,
United Kingdom S43 2PE
White Rose Armoury is your manufacturer of choice for handcrafted helmets, gauntlets, back plates, breast plates, legs, arms, pauldrons and tournament helms. We also supply bronze armour and special finishes for most of our armoury items. Our hallmark is the production of quality, individually handcrafted, period armoury replicas backed by our personalised attention to the needs of each and every one of our clients.
Email White Rose Armoury
Telephone - (44) 01246 475782 - ask to speak to Dave Hewitt

Matt Black Armour
Matt Black Armour produces historical reproduction armour. We mainly focus on the 15th century but can also produce armour from other historical periods. We make arm and leg defences, body armour, helmets and neck protection. All items are hand-crafted by Matthew Bayley in his workshop in the Worcestershire countryside. Matthew is also an accomplished blacksmith and makes historical hardware, brooches, buckles and more.
Email Matt Black Armour
Telephone - 07720725114
Facebook page

St George Armoury
Gipsey Bridge, Boston,
Lincolnshire PE22 7HD
St George Armoury began making quality Arms & Armour in 1992.  Most of our products are bespoke commisions.  Occasionally items that Mark has previously made are available for immediate purchase.
Email St George Armoury


- Kyiv

Armoury Al-master
Kyiv, Ukraine
"I produce the different types of armor these are comfortable and totally equivalent to the historical analogues. I can produce the battle-ready armor as well as decorative one. Also I can produce the armor from the metal of different thickness (from 0, 8 till 2, 5 mm.) and steel (cold rolled, tempered steel or stainless steel). According to your wishes I can also make the mirror polishing or the grinding of the armor."
Languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian
Email Armoury Al-master
Facebook page for Armoury Al-master

ArtArmor Workshop
Kyiv, Ukraine
Operational hours: Monday-Friday 10am - 9pm GMT+2
"Our company represent a team of professional smiths with more then 7 years of experience in armor-making and reenacting. Every member of our union is a historical reenactor therefore we perfectly understand needs and desires of customers. Art Armor Workshop produce high quality armor for historical reenacting and SCA fighting. All our items are exclusively handcrafted and customized according to individual measurements and requirements."
ArtArmor Facebook page
Call: +38 095 686 0122
Email ArtArmor

Steel Mastery -- English site
Steel Mastery -- Ukranian site
10 Lenina str,
20250 Vatutine, Ukraine
"Steel Mastery is a company of professional armourers and tailors, whose specialization is the Middle Ages. We started our career in 2001 from the organization of medieval events. We organized medieval tournaments, festivals and games. The practical training gave us understanding how to make perfect steel armor. The warrior usually wears armor during many hours, sometimes during all day long. And he must feel mobile, easy and comfortable. Our armour and weapons are exclusively handcrafted. The sewing may be hand-made or machine-made, depending on your needs."
Email Steel Mastery
FB page: Steel Mastery


- California

Anshelm Arms and Armor
Brent Junkins
27192 3rd St.
Highland, CA 92346
(909) 864-4346
Email Anshelm Arms and Armor

Historic Enterprises
17228 Voorhes Lane
Ramona, CA 92065-7109
Hours: Mon – Thurs 9am – 4:30pm PST
Email Historic Enterprises

- Florida

Shark Armory
John D. Perry
Tampa, Florida
Shark Armory has been creating custom and off the shelf Armor for all styles of jousting since 1980.
Email Shark Armory

The Surly Anvil -- Armour, for man and beast
John Gruber
Homestead, FL 33035
“Custom and some off the shelf armour forged from 1050 carbon spring steel- I do my own hardening and tempering . My armour is built to fit the body as the body is; flowing and without straight or flat surfaces. I am proud to say that my armour is heated with a coal forge and shaped with hammers, stakes, and anvil . My sca armour gets the same love the jousting armour gets; after all, a body's requirement for leaving any field safely doesn't change -- neither should the quality and craftsmanship of the armour he/she's wearing.”
Hours: Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST
Email The Surly Anvil
FB page: The Surly Anvil

- Michigan

The Tilt and Tack Shoppe
PO Box 1495
Belleville, MI 48112
“Tilt & Tack came into existence as a result of the great difficulty in finding modern supplies for non-traditional and historically inspired equestrian athletes – such as those participating in Jousting, Cavalry, and Games – and the horses they love.”
T: 734.699.6510
F: 734.699.6525
Email The Tilt and Tack Shoppe

- Minnesota

Davis Reproductions
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I strive to reproduce historical weapons, armor, and many other medieval artifacts in an accurate manner while focusing on capturing the small and intricate details. I have been reproducing medieval artifacts since 2007 with a focus on armor, but have also made a number of swords, scabbards, knives and many other custom projects. The materials I use vary from spring steel (with armor), high carbon steel (with swords), to various other materials such as wood or leather depending on the project. Please feel free to view a sampling of my work at
Email Davis Reproductions

- Mississippi

Darkwood Armory
Scott Wilson
1607 Bush Dairy Rd
Laurel, MS 39440
“We build some of the most durable theatrical, SCA, and WMA reproduction rapiers and swords in the United States, and we can ship all over the world. They are designed for use as practice weapons, not just for wallhangers! We also carry many accoutrements to make your practice safer and more authentic.”
Hours: 8a – 12 noon (CST) M-F
Email Darkwood Armory

- New Jersey

IceFalcon Armory
Andre Sinou
1 Brookshire Court
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Email Icefalcon Armory

- New York

Wasson Artistry (armour)
Jeff Wasson
Long Island, New York, USA
"Jeff Wasson is an armourer, who makes high quality reproductions of 14th, and 15th century plate armour. Jeff has been making armour for 20 years for re-enactors, jousters and others wishing only the best in quality and service. Jeff's experience as a fighter and jouster allow him to have a first hand understanding of the functionality of armour. Trained as a professional artist and sculptor, Jeff combines historical accuracy, and functionality to make some of the most beautiful recreations of medieval armour you will see. You can see more of his work at"
Email Jeff Wasson

- Oregon

Firedryk Steel
1129 Salmon ave
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420
"Our armoury specializes in making some of the best historical reenactment armour there is, as well as custom knives and swords, at extremely reasonable prices! Smithed by our master armourer, Frank Renn, also known as Master Syr Waldryk the Firedryk, our armour is primarily made from stainless steel, as well as stainless spring steel and the occasional mild steel and high carbon spring steel. Our armour is built to protect the wearer while fighting either in the full contact foot sports such as the SCA, Adrian Empire, and Markland, to name a few, or in full contact jousting from horse back for you and your trusty steed! We have also made armor for Battle of the Nations, and some small media things. If you just want something decorative as well, just ask!"
ph: 417 987 8979
Email Firedryk Steel

- Texas

TherionArms – The best little swords house in Texas
Hal Siegel aka Therion
PO Box 187
Del Valle, TX 78617
“TherionArms features personal service supplying quality historical reproduction swords, weapons, and armor for reenactors, stage combat, Western and Eastern martial arts, live steel groups, SCA and Renaissance Fair fighters, and sword enthusiasts of all stripes; as well as antique and ethnographic weaponry from all around the world.”
(512) 247-3578 (leave message)
Email TherionArms
FB page: TherionArms

- Washington State

Black Diamond Metal Arts
(360) 886-1001
Email Black Diamond Metal Arts

- Wisconsin

SRG Medieval Armor
Twin Lakes, WI 53181
“SRG Medieval Armor specializes in custom armor. Whether you are looking for historically accurate armor, fully functional armor for reenactments, or just looking for a piece of beautiful artwork, SRG can deliver with excellent results. Since 1997.”
Hours: M – F 10am – 7pm, Sat & Sun 8am – 8pm


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