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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random Pic: Tip to Tip Hit

Sarah Hay's lance tip flies off just after a tip to tip hit
(photo by Andrew Turner/ATPhoto)

"Tip to Tip hits in the joust are very rare and up until Harcourt Park I can only ever recall 2 or 3 occuring over the past 10 years of modern sports jousting in NZ. But at Harcourt Park last month we had 4. This one was between Sarah Hay and an unknown opponent. Here you can see Sarah's tip breaking just after the hit. A good jouster can still follow through and deliver a good hit to his or her opponent." -- Callum Forbes

This picture was taken at the "Harcourt Park 2013 World Invitational Jousting Tournament" which was organized by Callum Forbes and the Order of the Boar.

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