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Friday, March 8, 2013

Celeres Nordica's New Promotional Video

On March 5, 2013, the jousting troupe Celeres Nordica added a new promotional video to their website. The video features the pyrotechnic performances they put on for show. It is quite entertaining. The flaming quintain is particularly spectacular. Although this website focuses on competitive jousting, many of the skills used in putting on a jousting performance are also useful when competing in a jousting tournament.

Though the Celeres Nordica website and promotional videos seem to feature the more theatrical elements of the troupe(Google translate can only do so much with the Swedish language), some of the troupe members are also members of the International Jousting Association and the International Jousting League and do compete in tournaments. In July of 2012, Celeres Nordica member Klas Lundberg won the European Championship Jousting Tournament(called the EM i Ridderturnering in Danish) for the third time. You can read about his victory in this article.

(video from gyllenelejonet and Celeres Nordica)

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