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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Arundel International Tournament 2013 Score Summary

"Arundel International Tournament 2013" was held July 23 - 28 at Arundel Castle in England. You can find out more about the tournament in a previous article written by "Arundel International Tournament". For various reasons, mainly length, the article does not include a list of the scores earned by the various teams and competitors during the tournament. So here is a simple summary of the scores for the Team Jousting Competition, Individual Jousting Competition and Hunting Skills(MSA) Competition at "Arundel International Tournament 2013".

Jan Gradon(left) and Mark Caple(right) joust in front of Arundel Castle(photo by Stephen Moss)

Team Preliminaries
1st – Holy Roman Empire, 29 placement points, 184 strike points
2nd – Kingdom of England, 16 placement points, 144 strike points
3rd – Kingdom of France, 9 placement points, 154 strike points
4th – Duchy of Burgundy, 7 placement points, 124 strike points

Team Finals
1st – Kingdom of England, 33 strike points
2nd – Holy Roman Empire, 32 strike points

Wouter Nicolai(left) and Andreas Wenzel(right) joust(photo by Richard Pearn)

Individual Joust Competition
1st – Andreas Wenzel, 15 placement points, 77 strike points
2nd – Jan Gradon, 10 placement points, 65 strike points
3rd – Mark Caple, 9 placement points, 58 strike points
4th – Marcus Hamel, 8 placement points, 63 strike points
5th – Stacy Evans, 8 placement points, 52 strike points
6th – Steve R. Gagnon, 7 placement points, 55 strike points
7th – Wouter Nicolai, 5 placement points, 46 strike points
8th – Ben van Koert, 4 placement points, 44 strike points

Hunting Skills Competition
1st – Mark Caple, 41 points
2nd – Wouter Nicolai, 34 points
3rd – Stacy Evans, 32 points
4th – Andreas Wenzel, 31 points
4th – Marcus Hamel, 31 points
6th – Jan Gradon, 29 points
7th – Steve R. Gagnon, 26 points
8th – Ben van Koert, 11 points

Right: Wouter Nicolai neatly bisects a squash (photo by Richard Pearn)

For an explanation of the difference between placement points and strike points, please see the previous article about Arundel 2013.

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