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Friday, November 1, 2013

Video from the First Day of "Lysts on the Lake 2013"

Despite heavy rains the night before, "Lysts on the Lake 2013" started as planned on Thursday, October 31. The tournament will include tilting(what most people consider actual jousting), a Mounted Melee and a Chivalric Equitation Obstacle Course(similar to a Mounted Skill at Arms course). A total of 10 jousters are competing in this year's tournament:
  • Steve Hemphill -- whose company, a'Plaisance Ltd., produces "Lysts on the Lake"
  • Dave Wise
  • Federico Serna
  • Galen Bevel
  • Jeffrey Basham
  • Jim Myers
  • Peter Barclay
  • Sarah Hay(who came all the way from Australia to compete)
  • Scott Wilson
  • Sean Gulick

Several other people will be competing in the Mounted Melee and/or MSA-course, but will not be competing for overall tournament champion.

Here are a few short videos from the second session of tilting during the first day of the tournament:

Jeffrey Basham pats his horse after a nice pass against Federico Serna
(video by The Jousting Life)

Galen Bevel and Sean Gulick successfully break their lances against one another
(video by The Jousting Life)

Sarah Hay smashes her lance tip to pieces against Federico Serna(video by The Jousting Life)

The tournament will continue for two more days. The Mounted Melee and final session of tilting will be held as part of "Fable Fest" at Milburn Park in Cedar Park, TX, USA.

To find out more about this tournament, check out the "Lysts on the Lake" website.

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  1. So wish I was there for this. Thank you so much for sharing videos Jan! Smooch all the ponies for me!