The Jousting Life

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Free Lancers Competitive Jousting Tournament at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

On the final weekend of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, the Free Lancers jousting troupe held a competitive jousting tournament instead of their usual show.

Gene Martino and Leland Coleman joust at the Maryland Renaissance Festival
(photo by Neil Rothschild)

The competitors used their stage names during the tournament, but the competition was real. Here are the results of the tournament as posted on the Free Lancers Facebook page:

8th place---Sir Rogan Lors with 84 points.
7th place---Sir John DeVere with 86 points.
6th place---Sir Robin Knox with 87 points.
5th place---Sir Barchan with 93 points.
4th place---Sir Michael Stafford with 106 points.
3rd place---Sir Edward of Rigney with 109 points
2nd place--Don Martino Fernandez with 132 points

And congratulations to Sir Ian McFarland with a record setting 148 points!!!!

He is the Grand Champion!

The Free Lancers jousting troupe(photo by Neil Rothschild)


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