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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Modern Medievalist Interviews International Jouster Frederic Piraux

David Baker(aka The Modern Medievalist) interviewed Jouster Frederic Piraux, founder of the International Jousting League for his website, "Modern Medievalist":

"In 2001 I first met Frederic Piraux at Sunset Park , Las Vegas Nevada in October at the annual Renaissance and Medieval Fair.Sadly he had flown in from Canada where he had been a student at a week long school of European Medieval Martial Arts enthusiasts, only to find the person who had been contact with him was unable to make the event. He and his traveling buddy and my family spent most of that Saturday together walking around from one event to the next. At the end of day we exchanged e-mail address and promised to stay in touch. I think to the surprise of both of us, we did stay in touch.

On the anniversary of our first meeting, I decided to corner my friend, and ask him to give me an interview. Of course being a friend, and knowing I would probably hound him until he did, Fred as I know him, graciously sat down with me via Facebook and granted an interview. What follows is our conversation."

To read the rest of the interview, click here.

Frederic Piraux(photo by Danny Van Hecke)

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