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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Real Knight Rider: Meeting a 21st Century Jousting Knight

Jouster Arne Koets (photo by Ben van Koert)
Arne Koets (photo by Ben van Koert)
Jouster and tournament organizer Arne Koets has been a supporter of The Jousting Life since it first started back in 2012 when he agreed to do a couple of interviews about the Grand Tournament of Sankt Wendel, which he was both organizing and competing in. Since then he has done quite a few other interviews, he's provided information and photographs for articles, and he's even written a couple of articles for TJL about re-creating historical saddles.

I've just recently been made aware of this article written about him by Isobel Uden for the English Heritage blog:

By: Isobel Uden

Tall, charming and an excellent horseman, Arne Koets is the quintessential ‘knight in shining armour.’ But, as Isobel Uden finds out, there’s more to life as a 21st century jousting knight than meets the eye.

Born in the Netherlands, but now based in Germany, Arne rode in his first joust in 2002, having only started riding eight months earlier. He is now established as one of an elite few in the world practising the martial arts of the medieval knight to a standard comparable with the real chivalric warriors of the Middle Ages.

Interested in military history from a young age and having studied archaeology at the University of Amsterdam, Arne is concerned with the science as well as the art of historical interpretation. He strives not just for historical accuracy, but authenticity, a subtle, but important distinction, according to Arne.

What this means in practice is that he lives and breathes jousting.

Click here to read the rest of the article on the English Heritage website.

Jouster Arne Koets on his Andalusian jousting horse Maximilian (photo by Neil Bury)
Arne Koets on his Andalusian horse Maximilian (photo by Neil Bury)

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