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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Jousting Jingle

Ripper Moore

Jouster Ripper Moore (photo by Allison's Images)
Ripper Moore (photo by Allison's Images) 
Dashing o'er the sand,
On a one horse open... horse,
Down the list we go,
Striking hard of course (of course!)
Lance on breastplates ring,
Making bruises bright,
What fun it is to joust and sing
With a merry Christmas knight!

O! Lances break, lances break,
Breaking every pass.
O what fun it is to watch,
A knight knocked on his ass!
O! Lances break, bodies ache,
I can't recall my name--
Love and bruises, Merry Christmas
We'll keep jousting all the same!

Have a Joust Wonderful Holiday Season from The Jousting Life!

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