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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Grand Tournament in Sankt Wendel

Jousting tournament announcement:

In honour of the 500 year anniversary of the visit of emperor Maximilian, the city of Sankt Wendel in Germany is organizing a “grand authentic knightly tournament”. The best jousters in the world, from three continents and seven countries, have been invited to compete against each other in strength, honour and horsemanship to determine who is the best knightly jouster of our time.

This tournament will not be a demonstration or a performance. The fighting will not be choreographed. It will be a real competition, and the best competitor will actually win.

(video by Ben van Koert)

Dr. Tobias Capwell

The competitors will be using authentic sharp weapons. They are all extremely well trained riders and fighters, who are experts in this field. One of the riders, Dr. Tobias Capwell, has a PhD for his internationally acclaimed research on the arms and armour of medieval and renaissance tournaments.

Raisulih el Hadi
The jousters will ride noble horses trained in 'Haute ecole' dressage under the leadership of the Fürstliche Hofreitschule in Bückeburg. The horses will wear carefully reconstructed historical saddles, bridles and caparisons, allowing them to be ridden like the warhorses of old. These horses are being specifically prepared for this event in hope that their performance will honour the valiant war and tournament horses of medieval and renaissance times.

The Grand Tournament of Sandkt Wendel will take place on three consecutive days (Friday, August 31 - Sunday, September 2, 2012) and is comprised of three major elements:

The Hunt: Which will include mounted falconry, throwing the spear from horseback and mounted archery.

The Joust: In which riders will compete in full armour, using historically accurate, 3.5 meter long solid lances tipped with sharp steel heads.

The Melee: At the end of each tournament day, there will be a mounted melee. Competitors will fight against each other on horseback in two teams, using swords and clubs to try and drive the opposing team from the field.

Based on the points achieved in the various divisions, there will be winners for each day of the tournament, and on Sunday the overall winner will be determined.

The time between the competitions will be filled with live music. There will also be a performance by the “Spandieratori e musici Contrada Monticellii“, the Italian champions of flag waving. And actors will present and fire handguns and cannons of the period.

Patrons will also be able to visit “The Camp” where one can meet individual actors and examine their equipment. Craftsmen will demonstrate their trades, including some of the types of work necessary for the production of a tournament. It will also be possible, with a little luck, to meet the star jousters competing in the event.

Link to the German version of the site

Link to German video on FaceBook

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