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Friday, March 23, 2012

Jousting in the News 3-15-12 through 3-24-12

Top 10 Wacky Reality TV Series (lists FMJ as #7 on the list)

MMA: Do Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's Complaints Against the UFC Make Sense? (refers – ironically? – to FMJ as a regular sport)

Win A 'Full Metal Jousting' Suit Of Armor, Cash & More! (article about the History Channel's FMJ sweepstakes)

Huffington Post: The German Bunny Step Maneuver (weirdly funny, rambling article that VERY BRIEFLY mentions FMJ)

Hattiesburg American: Thousands bring history to life in Lamar County (article about SCA event, “Gulf Wars XXI” which included jousting,

Star-Telegram: Jousters practice at Four Winds Fair[e] (article about Four Winds Faire in Texas, includes comments from jousters Dustin Stephens, Robert Welch and John Young)

The News-Herald: Painesville native Bob Noponen is riding the growing popularity of jousting (article focuses on Bob Noponen and his work crewing for FMJ, includes brief video of Noponen and promo video for FMJ)

The Miami Herald: Sword fights, jousting coming to South Miami-Dade (article about the Florida Renaissance Festival which will include jousting tournaments)

This is Tamworth: Knights will be part of castle's national day as visitors descend (article about St. George's Day celebration that will include jousting)

The Eagle: Paw Print Festival set for Saturday (brief article about small festival in Texas that will include jousting)

Der Western: Swordsman in training critically injured (the language is a bit awkward because of the translation, but it tells what really happened in the incident written about in the “So it turns out that jousting is actually pretty dangerous” article on 3-24-12)

Ye Olde Kemptvillian Medieval Festival back for fifth year March 31 (article about festival where Shane Adams of FMJ and the Knights of Valour will be performing)

Video of “Ye Olde Kemptvillian Medieval Festival 2011”

The Malakoff News: Rope Myers jousts for family, God (article about Rope Myers from FMJ)

My Fox Phoenix: Riders Keep Historic Sport Alive (the written article that goes with the video embedded in the post of the same name published on this blog)

Croatian Times: Knight Clubbing (article about accident that occurred during a “jousting tournament”. It was actually armored foot combat, but since this is a foreign news article, they may use the term “jousting” somewhat differently. This is the incident reported in the “Der Western” article from 3-21-12.)

3-24-12 So it turns out that jousting is actually pretty dangerous... (a VERY MISLEADING article that actually has nothing to do with jousting or even mounted combat. See “Der Western” article from 3-21-12 for what really happened)

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