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Monday, June 4, 2012

Jousting in the News 5-19-12 through 6-1-12

*** recommended articles

Sydney Morning Herald: Sirs lance a lot and get hit, too (enthusiastic review of “Full Metal Jousting on Australian tv)

Press Enterprise: RIVERSIDE: Medieval times come to campus (very brief article about Imperial Knights putting on a demonstration at an elementary school)

Daily Telegraph: Jousting gets a spike in popularity across Sydney and NSW (brief article about jousting at Blacktown Medieval Fayre)

Northampton Chronicle: Rural treats in Althorp entertainment (county show in Althorp that included the Knights of the Damned jousting team)

Northampton Chronicle: Hundreds enjoy annual country show at Althorp (this event apparently included knights on horseback and an “exciting jousting finale that included a woman’s bra and a pair of shades.”?)

Langley Advance: Renfest lives on: Organizers offer words of assurances to vendors, participants, and spectators that the 2012 festivities are happening (Mainly about renn faire politics, briefly mentions Ripper Moore of “Full Metal Jousting”)

The Tennessean: Miss the Renaissance Fest? Surely you joust (mentions the Gath of Baal jousting tournament)

Orlando Sentinel: What's new at Medieval Times and Wet 'n Wild (discusses new show at Medieval Times)

Andalusian does airs above the ground at Medieval Times (photo from article)

Press Citizen: Celebrating Renaissance: Annual Memorial Day event is considered Iowa's best family festival (mentions Knights of Evengard and an “enhanced joust competition”)

Press Citizen: Iowa Renaissance Festival to be Memorial weekend (Another very brief article that mentions jousting tournament)

The Tennessean: Gath of Baal jousting tournament starts today (very brief and innaccurate article about jousting tournament)

The Independent: Summer 2012: Family-friendly festivals (mentions medieval festival in Sweden that includes jousting)

Knights joust in Sweden(photo from article)

Easier Travel: Celebrate the Whitsun half term in Shakespeare Country (various activities around the UK including jousting at Warwick Castle)

***Scoop: Jousting to replace hockey (not sure if this is a serious article or not, discusses building a $2.5 million jousting field in New Zealand)

InOut: Getting Medieval on the Grass with a Lance (uploaded image of a print newspaper magazine, talks about Copenhagen Medieval Market which includes jousting)

Sierra Sun: War horses, knights, lances come to Camp Richardson (nice article about Imperial Knights jousting at Valhalla Renaissance Faire)

Derbyshire Times: Top jousting event at historic castle (video of English Heritage joust at Bolsover Castle)

Video from article

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