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Friday, June 1, 2012

Paul Schneider Wins the Gath of Baal Jousting Tournament

The Gath of Baal Jousting Tournament took place Saturday through Monday, May 26 – 28, as part of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. This tournament was hosted by the Free Lancers led by Roy Cox. Roy Cox did not compete in the tournament, rather he acted as a mounted marshal and was final judge on scoring. (Skip to the bottom of this post to see a simple list of the tournament results.)

Roy Cox carries in the US Marine flag on Memorial Day(photo by DWRD)

The Gath of Baal tournament included three different styles of jousting, Plankengestech, Welshgestech and Realgestech – a different style for each day of the tournament. Monday, in addition to being the last day of the tournament, was first and foremost Memorial Day. Instead of riding out carrying flags of their own heraldry, competitors rode out carrying flags representing the armed services that either they or their family members have served in. (click on pictures to embiggen)

(photos by DWRD)

Saturday was the Plankengestech competition. In Plankengestech, a secondary breastplate is added over the left half of the breastplate. It has a mini buff and wing at the top for protection of the neck and face. The target is that secondary breastplate. After three rounds of jousting(each round consisting of four pairs jousting four passes each), the winner of the Plankengestech section of the tournament was Paul Schneider.

Paul Schneider(left) jousts Charlie Andrews(right) in Plankengestech (photo by Kirk Hughes)

Sunday was the Welshgestech competition. In Welshgestech, a buff and smooth grand guard are added to the jouster's armour. The smooth grand guard is the target. After three rounds of jousting, there was a tie for first place in the Welshgestech competition between Gene Martino and Paul Schneider.

Gene Martino(left) and Paul Schneider(right)in Welshgestech(photos by Kirk Hughes)

Monday was the Realgestech competition. Realgestech is very similar to Welshgestech except that the grand guard is gridded, typically with 9 grids. The grids make it easier for the lance to lock into the guard and create a harder blow. The target is, of course, the gridded grand guard. After three rounds of jousting, Charlie Andrews, of the Knights of Mayhem, won the Realgestech competition.

Charlie Andrews breaks his lance against John Byington in Realgestech(photo by DWRD)

The points for the different styles of jousting were always awarded in the same way: 1 point for a touch on the proper target; 3 points for a lance break in front of the pennant; 5 points for a lance break beyond the pennant; 5 points to each knight for a tip to tip strike; and 10 points for an unhorsing.

The lances were all made using a straight piece of wood with a solid (not scored or weakened in any way) balsa tip. The pennant(a small fabric flag) was attached at the place where the balsa was attached to the wood.

Lances with pennants (photo by Lauren Renee-Zartman Martino)

Based on the points won over all three days of competition, Paul Scheider was the Grand Champion of the tournament.

Paul Schneider at the Gath of Baal jousting tournament(photo by DWRD)

Although the competition was real, since the tournament was part of the entertainment for the renaissance festival, the jousters used stage names during the tournament. Below is a list of the stage names followed by the everyday names of the competitors.

Don Martino Fernandez – Paul Schneider
Prince Killem – Charlie Andrews
Sir Barchan Jouster – Barchan
Sir Charles Howard – Leland Coleman
Sir Edward DeVere – Louis Martino
Sir Ian McFarland – Gene Martino
Sir John Byington – John Byington
Sir Rogan Lors – William Garrison

Several of the jousters at the Gath of Baal jousting tournament(photo by DWRD)

Grand Champion: Don Martino Fernandez with 120 points (Paul Schneider)

2nd place: Prince Killem with 114 points (Charlie Andrews)
3rd place: Sir Ian McFarland with 113 points (Gene Martino)
4th place: Sir Barchan with 102 points (Barchan)
5th place: Sir Edward DeVere with 99 points (Louis Martino)
6th place: Sir Charles Howard with 97 points (Leland Coleman)
7th place: Sir Rogan Lors with 87 points (William Garrison)
8th place: Sir John Byington with 55 points (John Byington)

Individual Style Winners:

Don Martino Fernandez (Paul Schneider)

Tie – Don Martino Fernandez (Paul Schneider) and Sir Ian McFarland (Gene Martino)

Prince Killem (Charlie Andrews)

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