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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jousting in the News: 6-1-12 through 6-21-12

*** recommended articles

Adelaide Now: Aussie jouster booted off reality TV show (article about Landon Morris being kicked off “Full Metal Jousting”, includes video)

Your Houston News: Bear Branch hosts Tournament of Champions
(EAFK performs at Bear Branch Elementary)

Lancashire Telegraph: Gallery: Great Harwood show hailed a success with record attendance (county fair that included “stunt jousting”)

This is Leicestershire: Show serves up monster fun (county fair where the Knights of Middle England performed a jousting show)

Lutterworth Mail: Knights will do battle (The Knights of Nottingham perform a jousting show at Rockingham Castle Medieval Fair)

Ottawa Sun: Valley News & Notes, June 7
(brief mention of jousters performing at Medieval Festival)

Your Local Guardian: Hundreds take to the streets in four-day jubilee celebration (Knights of the Damned jousting team perform at a local celebration of the Queen's Jubilee)

Florissant Patch: Renaissance Faire Offers a Trip Back In Time (mentions the risks of theatrical jousting)

Renaissance Faire jousting(photo from article)

This Is Kent: What are you up to this weekend? Take a look at 10 things to do in Kent (mentions jousting tournament at Leeds Castle)

Lehigh Valley Live: Sunsational: The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire offers entertainment for all ages (mentions jousting will be part of the entertainment)

Idaho Press Tribune: Ye Olde Renaissance Faire is this weekend at Eagle Island State Park (mentions performances by the Academia de Cavalaria’s Mounted Military School and Jousting Troupe)

East London Advertiser: Eltham Palace to host medieval jousting tournament (announcement for an English Heritage jousting event at Eltham Palace)

Jouster at Eltham Palace(photo from article)

Manly Daily: Joust great, world's best knocked off (article about Andrew McKinnon and five jousters from the US beating the European jousters in the French tournament Les Medievales de Neauphle Le Chateau)

Australian jouster Andrew McKinnon (photo from article)

Northwest Star: Turning back the clock at Curry Show (jousting at Cloncurry show features Rod Walker and Sarah Hay)

PJ Star: Jousting holds court at Olde English Faire (Shane Adams and the Knights of Valour perform at the Olde English Faire)

The Columbia Star: A Step into Kingstree’s Past, Part 5: Jousting, Lancing, Tilting (an interesting, but questionable, article about the history of jousting and jousting in America)

6-16-12 Joust Club Continues Tradition (actually about little kids tilting at rings, includes video)

PJ Star: Olde English Faire Gives Visitors a Taste of Life in the Days of Yore (jousting at a Medieval faire)

James Fairclough and Rob Combe joust (photo by Zach Nelson)

Blogs PJ Star: Medieval history holds court at Wildlife Prairie State Park (photos of Olde English Faire mentioned in previous article)

Boise Weekly: Catch One More Day of Ye Olde Renaissance Faire (the Academia de Cavalaria Mounted Military School and Jousting Troupe performs at renn faire)

The Academia de Cavalaria Mounted Military School and Jousting Troup (photo by Tabitha Bower)

Northwest Star: Jousting battle sticks with crowd (Rod Walker and Sarah Hay joust at Cloncurry and District show, includes pictures)

Jouster Sarah Hay(photo by Brad Thompson)

***Maxim: Modern Jousting (article about Rod Walker of Full Tilt Jousting troupe)

The Sydney Morning Herald: Wednesday, June 20 - PAY TV (brief article about “Full Metal Jousting” tv show)

Red Team Member from "Full Metal Jousting" (photo from article)

Midhurst and Petworth Observer: VOTE: Alright on the knight as jousts get green light (some of the legal issues involved in putting on a renn faire)

The Australian: Dangers of old (brief article about FMJ tv show)

***Simcoe Reformer: Simcoe man killed in crash was world-class jouster, artist (article about James Merrilees, a jouster who was killed in a truck crash)

James Merrilees
The jousting community mourns the loss of one of its own.

"His great personality and readiness to find joy and humour, as well as his strength and steadiness as a competitor, leaves us much diminished with his loss." -- Radar Goddard, fellow jouster


  1. This was a wonder news update with spectacular photography. This photographer really was a pro with excellant camera angles, professional quality film, and an amazing for when to shoot.I loved the photos. But the most poignant moment and photo was that of James Merrilees. I did not personally know him, but I know when something is just too sad to hold in heart alone. I have wept my own tears in silence at such a loss to the community in which he affected. I will never understand the loss of good men while bad men, the kind that hurt, and criple society thrive.
    This was over-all a wonderful up-date for me, who is bedridden and crippled and can never see these things of which you write about. I can only mentally feel wonder thru photos, and had a wonder time thru Shane Adams, FULL METAL JOUSTING, on the HISTORY CHANNEL. MY husband and I spent our Sunday nights around that show! We even bought matching T-Shirts. It was truly a great evening. I hope there is another series. I was fortunate enough to become dear friends with Jeremy O'Neail. Please do another update like this again. I loved it. I was the best one I have read. Thank you, CINDI HEIN, (CINDIFIERCELOVER).

    1. Thank you so much, Cindi! It really means a lot to me that people are reading and enjoying my blog. I am doing my best to keep it going. I'm sorry that my posts have been a bit far between lately. I've been going through some problems of my own lately. Comments like yours really help.

      Thanks again,
      Zhi Zhu