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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quebec Team, Order of the Dragon Wins “Le Tournoi du Lys d'Argent 2012”

Thanks to Steve R. Gagnon for providing the following information and pictures about “Le Tournoi du Lys d'Argent” which took place September 1 – 3, 2012 in Lachute, Quebec, Canada:

Gruelling Competition!

Like the spectators, after sitting under a scorching sun, watching the proud fighters of La Compagnie Médiévale and l’Ost du Québec doubling efforts and courage to overcome their opponents, we also witnessed the fierce jousting bouts of the sport division. The final scores were very close, but Jessy Dufresne managed to get the better of his fellow competitors.

The Tournament of the Lys d’Argent concluded on on a tight but well deserved victory by the Order of the Dragon’s team. The tenants were Marcus Hamel, Patrice Rolland and Steve R. Gagnon. The venants' excellent team of jousters included Luc Petillot, Jan Gradon and Jarek Struczynski. The all-Québec team ended up winning the much and around the world coveted Lys d’Argent rings.

You can get all the scores and details at:

Patrice Rolland, Steve Gagnon and Marcus Hamel of the all-Quebec team, Order of the Dragon, winners of Lys d'Argent 2012(photo by Pascal Ratthe)

Joust at Lys d'Argent 2012(photo by Michel Filion)

Joust at Lys d'Argent 2012(photo by Pascal Ratthe)

Melee at Lys d'Argent 2012(photo by Pascal Ratthe)

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