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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

“Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament” Gains Media Attention

The “Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament” which takes place February 16 - 17 in Upper Hutt, New Zealand is garnering attention from the news services.

Harcourt Park Medieval Tournament poster (photo from Order of the Boar)

First the New Zealand tournament was mentioned in a CNN Travel article about contemporary competitive jousting, and now a couple of other articles have been written about it in some New Zealand newspapers:

Wellington Scoop: "Jousting in Upper Hutt named by CNN as one of world’s top six locations"

Upper Hutt Leader: "Serious jousting event goes global"

Frederic Piraux, the winner of the last tournament, takes a blow from a lance
(photo by Peter McDonald)

You can find out more specific information about the joust, the jousters and their horses on the "Order of the Boar" website.

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