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Thursday, January 10, 2013

CNN Travel Posts a Nice Article About Contemporary Competitive Jousting

From CNN Travel:

World's most extreme sport? The modern renaissance of jousting:
Six places to watch competitive jousting around the world in 2013

By Dashka Slater for CNN Travel 10 January, 2013

Jousting -- the top-drawing sport across Europe for more than four centuries -- is undergoing a renaissance. And not just at renaissance fairs and goofy theme restaurants either.

The pastime has been the focus of two recent television shows: "Full Metal Jousting" on the History Channel and "Knights of Mayhem" on National Geographic.

As a new breed of modern athletes and equestrians exchange hard hits on horseback, opportunities are multiplying for modern spectators to see this most extreme of extreme sports....

To continue reading the CNN article, click here.

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Jousting Tournament poster (photo from Order of the Boar)

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