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Friday, May 23, 2014

Random Pic: Practicing for St Hallvard's

Ivar Mauritz-Hansen will be one of the competitors in the St. Hallvard's Tournament which starts today in Oslo, Norway. Here is a picture of him practicing in his brand new armour on a borrowed horse just days before the tournament.

Ivar Mauritz-Hansen on the Andalusian gelding Sigismund(photo by Renate Skeie)

The horse's name is Sigismund, he's an Andalusian gelding that originally belonged to jouster Arne Koets and currently belongs to jouster Petter Ellingsen(the organizer of St. Hallvard's). He was ridden by Andreas Wenzel in the Grand Tournament of Sankt Wendel. According to Ivar, when it comes to jousting, "He knows more about it than I do."

The upright post that he is breaking his lance against is a form of shock quintain.  Shock quintains come in a variety of forms, but no matter what they look like they serve much the same function.  Unlike the regular quintain whose target spins quite easily, the shock quintain's target is very difficult to move, making it good training not only for hitting a rather small target, but also for withstanding the shock of hitting a heavy object with your lance. 

When asked about St Hallvard's Tournament, Ivar had this to say:
"I'm very excited for this tournament as it will be the biggest in Norway in a long time, and I am deeply honored to be a part of it. It will be my first solid lance tournament, and it has been a tough time to get the equipment and horse ready in time, but thanks to a number of great friends that have helped me with my troubles, I'm now confident that St. Hallvard's Tournament is for me going to be totally awesome!" -- Ivar Mauritz-Hansen

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