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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Video of Tournois de Chambines 2014

[UPDATE: I was notified that there were no English jousters involved in this tournament.  All the members of the 'English' team were actually French jousters who pretended to be English for the tournament.]

A couple of members of the French jousting troupe Association Chevalerie Initiatique have been trying to share information about their tournaments with me. Unfortunately, their English is a bit limited, and I don't speak French at all. Fortunately, the video and pictures below speak for themselves.

Tournois de Chambines 2014(video by Alexandre Leon)

The Tournois de Chevalerie au Chateau de Chambines took place May 18 in Hecourt, Eure, France. From a google translation of one of the group's Facebook posts, there were two competitions during the tournament. Gérôme Russell of the English team won the first competition,

Gérôme Russell(photo by Billy Baheux)

and Meryl Touque of the French team won the second competition.

Meryl Touque(photo by Billy Baheux)

The photos below were taken by Emilie Peron and Billy Baheux, though a few do not have watermarks, so I cannot credit them properly.

The French team and the English Team(photo by unknown)

Alexandre de Chambines tilts at rings(photo by Emilie Peron)

Arnaud de St Esprit tilts at rings(photo by Emilie Peron)

Valentin de Tourvilles jousting Arnaud de St Esprit(photo by Emilie Peron)

Quentin de Grand Lieu jousting Alexandre de Chambines(photo by Emilie Peron)

Gerome de Russel jousting Arnaud de St Esprit(photo by Emilie Peron)

There was also a Tournois des écuyers(Tournament of the Squires) where children could participate in Mounted Skill at Arms. I'm not sure if scores were kept. No winner was announced as far as I can tell.

Three squires(photo by Billy Baheux)

Squires compete at MSA(photos by Billy Baheux)

You can learn more about the Association Chevalerie Initiatique on their Facebook page.

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