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Monday, July 16, 2012

Competitors From Around the World to Compete at the 2012 European Championship Jousting Tournament

Seventeen jousters, including several female jousters, who have demonstrated their skills in previous tournaments around the world will be competing at this year's European Championship Jousting Tournament which will be held at Spottrup Castle in Denmark, July 23 – 27, 2012. This event is sanctioned by both the International Jousting Association(IJA) and the International Jousting League(IJL), and the winner of this tournament will become the 2012 European Jousting Champion.


Klas Lundberg
Klas Lundgerg is the current European Jousting Champion and will be defending his title in 2012. He has been riding since age 6. He started with dressage and jumping, but nowadays, he mostly rides western and competes in classes such as reining, herdwork and roping. He also makes armour parts, spear tips, etc... However, his day job is teaching welding. He has been in the Celeres Nordica jousting troupe as a knight since 1994. He tried competitive jousting and competed internationally in IJA World Championships 2005. He's an IJA level 4 instructor.
(photo from Facebook)

Winner of European Championship in 2010
Winner of European Championship in 2009
Uppsala tournament 2008 – joust, 2nd place
Uppsala tournament 2008 – skill at arms, 1st place
Uppsala Tournament 2007 – joust, 2nd place
Uppsala tournament 2007 – skill at arms, 2nd place
Oslo International 2006 – skill at arms, 1st place
Uppsala tournament 2006 – skill at arms, 1st place
Uppsala Tournament 2006 – joust, 1st place
New Zealand 2005 - IJA World Champion of Chivalry
New Zealand 2005 – joust, 4th place
Oslo international 2005 – skill at arms, 1st place
Oslo International 2005 – joust, 3rd place

Per Nerlund

Per Nurlund is part of the Celeres Nordica jousting troupe in Sweden. He has been riding since 1968 and has been training horses since 1980. Lately, he has been working to develop a better jousting saddle. Per has only recently started jousting. He has participated in several jousting competitions in Sweden, but this will be his fist international event.
(photo from Facebook)

Gunnar Cederberg

Gunnar Cederberg has experience jousting with the Celeres Nordica troupe in Sweden. He is only 19 years old, but has been riding since he was 6, mostly dressage but also jumping. He has been riding in tournaments for many years, but this will be his first international event.
(photo by Asa Cidh)


Frederic Piraux
Frederic Piraux of Belgium has been a member of the Compagnie des Hackamores jousting troupe since 2000. He is also the founder of the International Jousting League. From 1989 – 1995, Fred worked as a mounted policeman. He is currently an instructor for the Liege Police Academy. When he's not training with horses, he studies historical swordsmanship. Fred now runs clinics around Europe where he teaches beginners to become accomplished jousters and combatants. He has participated in shows and competitions in USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Australia and New Zealand. (photo by Pamela Morgan)

European Championship 2010 – 5th place
European Championship 2009 – 4th place
Conclave 2009 - Mounted Games Champion
Conclave 2009 - Mounted Archery Champion
Hackaland 2009 - Historical Division Champion
Hackaland 2009 - Mounted Archery Champion
Taupo 2008 - winning team
Hackaland 2007 – Champion
Gniew 2007 - Champion
Hackaland 2006 – Champion
Eyneburg 2006 – Champion
Sword of Honour 2005 - winning team
Sword of Honour 2003 - winning team

Mathieu Kevers

Mathieu Kevers is a 24 year old from Belgium. He is part of the Compagnie des Hackamores jousting troupe. He is an experienced rider and has competed in tournaments for some years now. This will be his first competition in Denmark.
(photo by Danny Van Hecke)


Toby Kaas

Toby Kaas is a descendant of one of the old knights of Denmark. He jousts with the Himmerlands Middelaldercenter. He has done a lot of jousting and knights tournaments in Denmark.
(photo from

European Championship 2010 – 17th place
European Championship 2009 – 14th place

Ole Bach
Ole Bach of Viborg has done a lot of jousting both in his home country Denmark and internationally. He rides with the Ildhesten jousting troupe. In 2009 and 2010, he earned third place in the European championship in Jousting. Ole was the crowd favorite last time, and we suspect that the crowds cheering him on will be just as loud this year. (photo from

European Championship 2010 – 3rd place
European Championship 2009 – 3rd place


Luc Petillot

Luc Petillot has been riding for many years, and is one of the best knights in France. He has been jousting for the last 10 years and is one of the key members in the International Jousting League. He is the manager of the group Excalibur ile de France.
(photo by Cori Killian)

European Championship 2010, 8th place
European Championship 2009, 6th place
Hackaland 2009 – behourd, 1st place
Gniew 2008 – joust, 2nd place
Gniew 2008 – skill at arms, 3rd place
France 2008 – joust in 3 tournaments
Gniew 2007 - crest melee, 1st place
Gniew 2007 – joust, 9th place
Gniew 2007 – skill at arms, 10th place
Normandy 2006 – joust, 1st place
Eyenburg 2006 – joust, 2nd place
Liege 2006 – joust, 6th place
Liege 2006 – skill at arms, 1st place

Xavier Fauvel

Xavier Fauvel rides with the Excalibur ile de France jousting troupe. Also known as Xavier de Gonneville, he has been jousting since 2001 and is a well-known competitor around Europe, however, this will be his first competition in Denmark. He won the European Championships in 2003 and 2004. He participated in the World Championships in London, Canada in 2003, and was the winner of the Polish tournament in Golubsky Castle in 2011.
(photo by Pamela Morgan)

Marie Baron
Photo by Bronwyn Elliot

Marie Baron is a seasoned jouster and a fierce competitor. She has been in the jousting troupe Excalibur ile de France for 8 years and has participated in many international tournaments in the the past few years.
(photo by Bronwyn Elliot)

European Championship 2010, 14th place
European Championship 2009, 9th place
Liege 2006 – joust, 1st place
Normandy 2006 – joust, 2nd place
Eyenburg 2006 – joust, 2nd plac


Petter Ellingsen
Petter Ellingsen rode his first horse 14 years ago, and has been jousting the last 13 years. He runs the company Ridderhest and was the organizer of the first Norwegian championship in jousting. He is an IJA grade 4 jousting instructor and has done shows and competitions in Norway, Sweden, France, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Poland, New Zealand, USA, Australia and England. Overall, he has participated in more than 300 shows and tournaments.
(photo from Petter Ellingson)

European championship 2010, 2nd place
European Championship 2009, 2nd place
Gniew 2009 – jousting champion
France 2009 – Tournament champion
Australia 2009 – joust, 3rd place
Hackaland 2009 – joust and skill at arms
Uppsala tournament 2008 – skill at arms, 2nd place
Gniew 2008 – jousting champion
Gniew 2008 – Behourd champion
USA 2008 – Team and individual champion
Hackaland 2008 – Jousting champion
France 2008 – skill at arms, 1st place
New Zealand 2007 –joust, 3rd place and skill at arms
Sonora 2007 – joust, 3rd place
Eyenburg 2006 – winner grand champion(jousting, skill at arms)
Sonora 2006 – joust, 1st place.
Eyenburg 2006 – Crest melee, 1st place
Liege 2006 – joust, 4th place
Liege 2006 – skill at arms, 4th place
Oslo 2006 – joust champion
Hackaland 2005 – jousting and skill at arms champion
New zealand 2005 – IJA world skill at arms reserve champion
Agincourt 2004 – joust, 3rd place

Ivar Mauritz-Hansen

Ivar Mauritz-Hansen began his knightly career in 2007 when he became a member of the reenactment group De Norske Frilansene Compagnie d'Oslo in which he started out as a foot soldier. He also began training to ride horses, focusing on knightly riding, at The Riding School of Trollspeilet, where he is still being instructed by Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell. In the winter of 2010, Ivar bought his horse Laszlo, a Holsteiner gelding, which led to more training and even more focus on knightly riding and sports. In the spring of 2011, he was accepted into the riding group of Frilansene and has since participated as a knight in most of the battles and tournaments that Frilansene attends.
(photo from Petter Ellingson)

Hamar Medieval Festival 2012
Hadeland 2012
Bergenshusdagene 2011
Oslo Medieval Festival 2011
Hamar Medieval Festival 2011
TV-production for NRK Super 2011
Battle of Wisby 2011
Battle of Hamar 2011


Nicky Willis
Nicky Willis has been riding since she was 11 years old. She has tried lots of different riding disciplines such as dressage, jumping, western, driving and tournaments. For the past four and a half years, she has worked for Tournament Stud, where they breed, train and joust the horses. She has been doing Mounted Skill at Arms(MSA) and jousting for several years. Her first joust outside England was in Belgium in 2010. The tournament at Spøttrup Borg will be her third joust representing England abroad.
(Photo from Facebook)

European championship 2010, 11th place

Sarah Hay

Sarah Hay is from Australia, but will be riding for England. She has been riding for over three decades in a variety of disciplines such as western, dressage, jumping, sporting, side saddle, mounted archery and jousting. This is her fourth year of jousting, and her third year of competing internationally. In recent years she has won international tournaments in both the northern and southern hemispheres. This extremely accomplished female jouster is not a member of any jousting troupe, but is a member of the International Jousting League.
(photo from Facebook)

1st place archery, Warsaw, 2012
5th place joust, Warsaw jousting tournament, Warsaw, 2012
1st place MSA, Blacktown int joust, Australia, 2012
2nd place joust, Blacktown int joust, Australia, 2012
2nd place MSA, St Georges day int joust, Australia, 2012
2nd place joust, St Georges day int joust, Australia, 2012
Tournament champion, France, 2012
3rd place horse archery, Hackaland, Belgium, 2012
Tournament champion, Hackaland hist joust, Belgium, 2011
Tournament champion, Winterfest international joust, Australia, 2010
Tournament champion, Abbey int IJL tournament, Australia, 2010
3rd place MSA, France, 2010
4th place joust, France, 2010
Tournament champion, Belgium, 2010
Tournament champion, Winterfest international joust, Australia, 2009

Darth Rimmer

Although Darth Rimmer is from the US, he will be riding for England. He began medieval foot combat at the age of 16 and began jousting in 2009 after attending the Sword of Chivalry tournament. He is a member of the Knights of the Golden Sun and participates in re-enactments of many different time periods including Medieval, Ancient Japan, Great War and WW2. His motto is: "Per Angusta in Augusta" (Through difficulties to great things).
(photo by Ulrich Kiener)

Hackaland, Belgium 2011
Tournament of the phoenix, USA, 2011
Tournament of the Phoenix, USA 2010


Ulrich Kiener
Ulrich Kiener began riding in 1990 (English, western, horsemanship). His first experience with a jousting tournament was in 2006, and he has competed in several tournaments since then. He is a member of the Societas-equestris, and he and his wife run the IJL Team Germany “Deutsche Tjostvereinigung” and give seminars for Mounted Skill at Arms and jousting. In 2000, Ulrich also began historical sword-fencing, and has participated in several competitions both semi and full contact.
(photo from Facebook)

Roma (joust), 2012
Kaunas Hansadays (jousting), 2011
Battle of Grunwald (jousting), 2011
Forest (Belgium), 2011

Steve Hemphill
Steve fondly remembers his father teaching him how to respect, train and ride the family’s horses. In the 1980's, he became interested in medieval and renaissance history while he was attending college, and in 2003, Steve decided to renew his interest in horses and to combine it with his love of medieval history. Since then, he has produced and competed in a number of medieval equestrian events around the world which showcased competitive jousting and other medieval equestrian sports. Steve is a member of the Board of Representatives of the International Jousting League and a level 2 Jouster with the International Jousting Association. He is the owner of a’Plaisance, Ltd. and the Executive Producer of the “Lysts on the Lake”. When Steve is not involved with jousting, he can be found competing in Dressage and Eventing. (photo by AzulOx)

Neauphle Le Chateau 2012, winning team
Verneuil-sur-Avre, France 2012
Lysts on the Lake 2012
Lysts on the Lake 2011, 1st place jousting
Tournament of the Phoenix 2010, 1st place MSA
Lysts at Castleton 2010, 1st place MSA, 1st place jousting
Tournament of the Phoenix 2009, 1st place MSA

For more information about the European Championship Jousting Tournament at Spottrup Castle in Denmark, see the previous article about this event and/or see the Spottrup Borg website.

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