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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"The Jousting Life" Reaches 1,000 "likes"!

Update:  When I changed to the custom URL,, "The Jousting Life" lost all of its previous 1700 Facebook "likes" and had to start over from 0.

Thank you all so much for helping "The Jousting Life" to reach over 1,000 Facebook "likes" within its first six months.

(This image (which I've slightly altered from the original) is sold as a greeting card by HossLassArtWorld.)

I couldn't have kept "The Jousting Life" going without all of your help. Both those who read "The Jousting Life" and those who send me information, pictures and videos, as well as those who have helped me to get my own information, pictures and videos (Charlie Andrews, Steve Hemphill and others).

I look forward to seeing where things go from here. I still haven't had a guest author write an article, yet. Hint, hint. I would love articles from any point of view about jousting tournaments, training, equipment, photography, whatever... I will also accept pictures/videos/suggestions for "Random Pics" and "Joust for Fun" articles.

I am also starting a "The Jousting Life Forum" where people can discuss different aspects of jousting in an organized fashion. I have just started this and haven't gotten very far yet, but feel free to go to the forum and check it out. Join the forum and start playing around with it if you like.

Also, if anyone has suggestions of new things to do with "The Jousting Life", I would love to hear them.

Again, thank you all so much!!!

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