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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arundel Castle International Jousting Reveals the Prizes for their Upcoming Tournament

The organizers of the Arundel Castle International Jousting Tournament have shared these pictures of the prizes for their upcoming tournament. The competition involves three teams of two jousters each. The teams will represent England, France and Germany and will take place from July 24 - 29 in Arundel, England. All of these prizes were created by Nicky from Gemmaus. Such lovely prizes make me wish that I could compete to win them.

The top of one of the team ring prizes. (photo from Facebook)

The rings to be awarded the the team winners of the joust. (photo from Facebook)

The motto in Latin,"Arundel Castle 2012". (photo from Facebook)

Order of Arundel – Individual Prize awarded to the highest scoring jouster. (photo from Facebook)

Close up of the prize for the highest scoring jouster. (photo from Facebook)

For more information about the tournament, email Arundel Castle International Jousting.

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