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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jousting in the News 6-22-12 through 7-25-12

I have gotten behind in posting "Jousting in the News". My apologies. I've omitted certain articles that only briefly mention jousting at faires that have already occurred. However, this will still be a rather long post.

*** recommended articles

6-22-12 Video: Knights re-enact medieval battles at Lincolnshire Show (video of theatrical jousting in England)

Webster Kirkwood Times: Dan Foss: A Knight's Tale (a very nice detailed article about theatrical jouster Dan Foss)

Dan Foss jousts(photo by Ursula Ruhl)

***Green Bay Press Gazette: Reflections and Directions: Jousting rides back, pokes the public's curiosity (interesting article about the rise in popularity of jousting)

Green Bay Press Gazette: Renaissance Faire back for third year
(theatrical jousting at a renaissance faire)

Quest News Northern Times: Knights' mounts are also jousting stars at Abbey Medieval Tournament (nice article about jousting that focuses on the horses)

Metro News: Knights of Valour ‘demolition derby of the middle ages’
(brief article about Shane Adams, host of the tv show “Full Metal Jousting”)

7-5-12 Art of jousting is alive and well in Eminence, Ky. (very brief confusing article that mentions a video that does not show up on my browser, does have a few pictures)

Broadneck Patch: St. Margaret's Jousting Tournament is Around the Corner
(brief article about Maryland style jousting aka tilting at rings)

The Guardian: Emma's Eccentric Britain: medieval jousting, Eltham Palace, London (journalist spends a day with a re-enactment group that does jousting)

Jousting at Eltham Palace(photo by Richard Marsham)

National Post: Gentlemen, unsheathe your umbrellas! Chap Olympiad celebrates all things eccentric about the British upper classes (Okay, it's not about real jousting, it's about umbrella jousting on bicycles, but the pictures are hysterical)

Queensferry Gazette: Let battle commence in Linlithgow (brief article about jousting event by Historic Scotland)

The Norwood Post: Norwood Ren Faire a success (article about faire where the Order of Epona horse troupe performed jousting)

Inverurie Herald: Medieval mayhem set for Castle Fraser (article about Knights of the Damned joust stunt team performance)

Knights of the Damned (photo from article)

Battlecreek Inquirer: Time to go Medieval, BlackRock Summerfest makes Middle Ages fun (article about a new medieval faire where the Knights of Valour perform)

***English Heritage: Knights to the tilt yard! Jousting at Kenilworth Castle (Nice press release about an English Heritage joust, includes some useful jousting terminology at the end)

Jousting at Kenilworth Castle (photo from English Heritage)

Northern River Echo News: Here & Now with S Sorrensen (an EXTREMELY negative view of his experience at a renn faire joust)

7-13-12 Jefferson Starship, Atlanta Rhythm Section lead musical lineup at Freedom Fest State Fair (mentions performances by Paragon Jousting)

The Spokesman Review: Taking another stab, Jousters relish roles in 18th annual Northwest Renaissance Festival (article about jousters at a renn faire) Three National Champion Jousters from Maryland to Accept Touch of Class Awards Two Champions Are Teenagers New To National Competition (about Maryland style jousting aka tilting at rings)

*** Going Full Tilt In History’s Extreme Sport (interview with Rod Walker about jousting in general as well as the tv show FMJ)

Full Metal Jousting (photo from article)

The New York Times: In Southern Sweden, Singing the Blues and Medieval Jousting (not really about jousting, but an interesting view of a Swedish renn fest)

Star Gazette: Summer Fun in the Finger Lakes: Renaissance festival a timeless site for fun (mentions jousting tournament)

***This is Kent: Past comes alive in lovely castles (describes various castles and mentions the jousting tournaments held at them)

English Heritage: Joust draws attention of world's media to Kenilworth Castle (mentions the possibility of jousting being at the 2016 Olympics)

Beausejour Review: Day time can still mean knight time (about Medieval festival featuring jousting)

Jousting at Cooks Creek Medieval Festival (photo by

Little Hampton Gazette: Horseback fun ‘joust’ around the corner in Arundel (announces jousting tournament at Arundel Castle)

7-23-12 FLANAGAN: Medieval case of the flu (brief negative article about FMJ and Rod Walker)

Langley Advance: Photos 2: Festival a challenge (unfortunate weather at renn faire where Ripper Moore and the Society of Tilt and Lance performed)

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