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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

European Championship Jousting Tournament at Spøttrup Borg 2012

Tournament announcement:

As part of the Bishop's Market Medieval Festival this year, there will be a European Championship Jousting Tournament. The event will be held July 23 – 27, 2012 at Spøttrup Borg (Spottrup Castle) in Salling, Denmark. This will be an actual jousting competition sanctioned by both the International Jousting Association and the International Jousting League and hosted by Nidaros Riddercompagnie (Medieval Mounted Combat Norway).

The competitors will include 17 jousters from around Europe, including Spottrup Borg's own knight, Ole Bach from Viborg. Ole Bach has competed twice in European Jousting Championships and earned a bronze medal both times. He is hoping that competing on his home ground with the support of his local followers will help him to earn the prestigious gold medal this time around. The other jousters have all qualified to compete in this tournament based on their participation in jousting championships in their own countries.

Ole Bach of Viborg (photo from Spottrup Borg website)

The competition will include two Mounted Skill at Arms sections, one in soft kit (historical clothing) and one in full armour, as well as a jousting section. During the week, preliminary rounds will lead up to the semi-finals and eventually the finals which will be a main attraction of the 2012 Bishop's Market.

Ole Bach at Bishop's Market Medieval Festival (photo from Spottrup Borg website)

For more information, check out the website for the Spottrup Borg Jousting Tournament as well as the Facebook page for Spottrup Castle. You may also email Sam Wullum, the curator of Spottrup Borg.

From the official press release:

Welcome to the Middle Ages

One of the most exciting attractions in the Skive Region is Spottrup Castle, Denmark's best-preserved medieval castle. Spottrup Castle stands in the beautiful Salling, by Spottrup Lake and with the Lim Fjord in the background. Built in the 1520s, Spottrup Castle is a marvellous example of a medieval Danish fortress. Once completed, it was a state-of-the-art castle, with its towering nine-metre ramparts and double moat built to withstand even the most effective cannons of the time.

Today, the castle houses a museum, where visitors can see how people lived, fought and worked there back in medieval times. There is a fascinating old medicine garden, divided into characteristic square and rectangular beds with medicinal plants and herbs. lt also contains a small rose garden with scented beds and espaliers.

During the summer season, the museum hosts numerous activities such as concerts, evocations, displays, markets and other cultural events focusing on the medieval period. The hugely popular Bishop's Market [23-28 July) has a mixture of stalls, selling anything from traditional crafts to medieval delicacies.

There will be over 300 actors and performers in medieval costumes; there will also be knights on horseback and even a staged attack on the castle. Add to this the rumbling of cannon balls and the heady smelt of horse droppings and gunpowder.

The market promises to be a huge success this year, particularly because it coincides with the 2012 European Jousting Championship.

The championship is this year hosted by Spottrup Borg, as the organisers wanted an authentic medieval setting. Sixteen knights from all over Europe will compete for the coveted gold medal; one of the favourites to win is the castle's very own knight.

Jousting at Spøttrup Castle (photo from Spottrup Borg website)

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