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Monday, October 27, 2014

Paul Schneider Wins the Ravenswood International Tournament 2014 at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

Congratulations to Paul Schneider for earning the title of Grand Champion at the Ravensood International Tournament 2014! The tournament was held October 18 – 19 during the last weekend of the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Paul Schneider, Grand Champion of the Ravenswood International Tournament 2014
(photo by Neil Rothschild)

The tournament was organized by Roy Cox and his jousting troupe, The Free Lancers. The Free Lancers include three different styles of jousting in their tournaments that are based on historical references describing the many various styles of jousting used in renaissance times. Though some may argue about the exact interpretations of these historical references, it is still a noble endeavor to show the public that there were different styles of jousting used in different periods and places throughout history. The names and descriptions of these three styles as used by the Free Lancers are as follows:
In Plankengestech, a secondary breastplate is added over the left half of the breastplate. It has a mini buff and wing at the top for protection of the neck and face. The target is that secondary breastplate.

In Welshgestech, a buff and smooth grand guard are added to the jouster's armour. The smooth grand guard is the target.

Realgestech is very similar to Welshgestech except that the grand guard is gridded, typically with nine grids. The grids make it easier for the lance to lock into the guard and create a harder blow. The target is, of course, the gridded grand guard.
Paul won both the Plankengestech and Welschgestech jousting competitions. Larry Peterka won the Realgestech jousting competition.

Larry Peterka, Champion of the Realgestech competition(photo by Neil Rothschild)

Although this was a real, not choreographed, jousting competition, the competitors chose to use stage names during the tournament. Some of the competitors do both choreographed jousting shows and non-choreographed jousting competitions and are probably best known by their stage names. The complete list of winners below includes both the everyday names and the stage names of the competitors:

Overall Winners:
1st place – Paul Schneider (Don Martino Fernandez)
2nd place – Gene Martino, jr (Sir Ian McFarland)
3rd place – Lary Peterka (Sir John Devere)
4th place – Barchan (Sir Barchan)
5th place – Christopher Farmer (Sir Robin Knox)
6th place – Jeff Sotero (Sir Soltoro de Tuscany)
7th place – Leland Coleman (Sir Edmund Howard)
8th place – Radar Goddard (Countess Elvita von Edenberg)

The Jousters of Ravenswood Internation Tournament 2014(photo by Neil Rothschild)

Champion of Plankengestech – Paul Schneider (Don Martino Fernandez)
Champion of Welschgestech – Paul Schneider (Don Martino Fernandez)
Champion of Realgestech – Larry Peterka (Sir John Devere)

On the Friday before the tournament, there was a Squire's Competition based on mounted skill at arms(MSA). Jennifer Ebberts was the winner of that competition.

Jennifer Ebberts, winner of the Squire's Competition(photo by Neil Rothschild)

Photographer Neil Rothschild captured some great photos of the tournament. Click to embiggen.

Paul Schneider jousts Larry Peterka during Ravenswood International Tournament 2014
(photo by Neil Rothschild)

Paul Schneider and Barchan strike their lances tip to tip(photo by Neil Rothschild)

To learn more about the Free Lancers, check out their Facebook page.
Many thanks to Barchan, Jen Zentgraf and Neil Rothschild for providing the information and photographs used in this article.

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