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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Joust For Fun

After the first day of "Lysts on the Lake", a number of the jousters gathered in the hotel restaurant for a little rest and relaxation. It turned out that it was karaoke night in the restaurant, and a number of jousters sang some songs. One of the most popular was a duet of "We Are the Champions"

Singing "We Are the Champions"

The other jousters in the audience seemed to really enjoy it!

However, it seemed that a couple of the competitors couldn't stop jousting, even if all they had to joust with was sombrero's.

Sombrero Jousting!(video by Zhi Zhu)

Eventually, someone managed to get one of the sombrero's onto Steve Hemphill, the producer of "Lysts on the Lake".

Steve Hemphill gets sombrero-ed.

At one point Charlie Andrews sang a song, although he didn't always sing the lyrics as written. His improvisations were met with laughter and cheers.

Charlie Andrews sings his own version of karaoke

Later on, jouster Ryan Saathoff was co-opted in playing Riff Raff's part from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" while other jousters danced the "Time Warp"

Jousters do the Time Warp!(video by Zhi Zhu)

All in all, it was a fun way to end the first day.

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