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Monday, May 21, 2012

Rod Walker of "Full Metal Jousting" Wins Blacktown Medieval Fayre Jousting Tournament

On May 19 & 20, the Full Tilt Joust Team hosted the jousting tournament at the annual Blacktown Medieval Fayre. Rod Walker, from the tv show "Full Metal Jousting", won first place in the jousting portion of the tournament with a total of 70 out of a possible 75 points. Phillip Oliver, the gray rabbit, earned second place with 55 points. And Sarah Hay, the current Australian National Jousting Champion, came in third with 53 points. (Admittedly, she may be suffering a bit from jet lag since she competed in "Lysts on the Lake" in Taylor, Texas, USA just the week before.)

Sarah Hay jousts Rod Walker at Blacktown Medieval Fayre 2012(photo by Ross Schultz)

Other jousters in the tournament were Sasha Buchmann (43 points), Andrew McKinnon (29 points) and Phillip Leitch (18 points).

Phillip Oliver jousts Andrew McKinnon at Blacktown Medieval Fayre 2012(photo by Karin Bridle)

In the Mounted Skill at Arms division, Andrew McKinnon won first place. Sarah Hay earned second place. Phillip Oliver and Nicole Denton tied for third. And Linda Dicmanis finished fourth.

The viewers at the Blacktown Medieval Fair jousting tournament also got to vote on their favorite competitor and horse. Shadow, a 14.3 hand Percheron x Australian Stock Horse mare, was chosen as the favorite horse. Rod Walker was chosen as the favorite knight.

Rod Walker on Shadow at Blacktown Medieval Fayre 2012(photo by Ross Schultz)

A short video of a jousting pass with Andrew McKinnon and Sasha Buchmann:

Video by mozebasic

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