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Friday, May 4, 2012

Jousting Demonstrations Included at "Battle of the Nations"

"Bitwa Narodow" or "Battle of the Nations" is an international competition for practitioners of armoured foot combat (also referred to as Western Martial Arts/WMA or Historical European Martial Arts/HEMA). It is apparently an annual event that took place in Poland this year from April 30 - May 3. WMA or HEMA teams from twelve different countries were involved in this year's competition, including, for the first time a team from the USA.

You can learn more about the Battle of Nations on the Team USA website which not only describes the tournament, but which had live streaming video of the competitions and demonstrations. It also depicts the brackets for the various single and team competitions that took place.

Although the competition at Bitwa Narodow only involves armoured foot combat, this year's event also included some demonstrations of jousting. Below are a few videos of these jousting demonstrations:

Video by ScoutsArgentina

Video by ScoutsArgentina

Video by adamz1980PL

Perhaps in future years, the "Battle of the Nations" will grow to include mounted combat such as jousting as well as the foot combat it currently involves.

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