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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jousting in the News 4-20-12 Through 5-1-12

This is Lancashire: St George's Day celebrations in East Lancashire (a renaissance type faire that includes jousting)

ITV Central News: Birmingham celebrates with St George's Day Parade (briefly mentions jousting team Knights of Middle England)

4-25-12 Jousting is alive within Dufferin(article about an educational renaissance festival featuring Shane Adams and the Knights of Valour)

The Tennessean: Castle beckons maidens, merrymen (article about the Tennessee Renaissance Faire which says it will include an international jousting tournament)

Western Advocate: Jousters take to the ring (brief article about Full Tilt International Jousting Tournament at Royal Bathurst Show in Australia)

The Province: Caution: Don't read while driving (strange article about FMJ focusing on the warning at the beginning of the show to “not try this at home”)

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