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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Video of the Opening "Knight" Jousting Demonstration at "Pin Oak Charity Horse Show 2013"

Jousters from Texas and Colorado competed in a small jousting tournament as part of the Opening 'Knight' festivities at the famous “Pin Oak Charity Horse Show” in Houston, Texas, Wednesday, March 20. Everyone involved in the demonstration wore pink scarves in honour of Princess Cayde Brannaman, who was supposed to attend the "Pin Oak Charity Horse Show 2013" as the Princess of Pin Oak. However, a couple of days before Pin Oak, she finally received the double lung transplant that she had been waiting for. You can find out more about Cayde on her Facebook page, Caydence's Spirit.

Part 1: Tilting (videography by Arielle Studios)

Part 2: Ground crew removes the tilt, Pam Fowler Grace freestyle dressage demonstration (videography by Arielle Studios)

Part 3: Mounted melee, Fourteenth century team vs. Fifteenth century team
(videography by Arielle Studios)

You can find out more about the jousters involved in the demonstration in a previous article, "Opening 'Knight' at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show".

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