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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mounted Skill at Arms & the First Round of Jousting at Times & Epochs 2013

Earlier today, Saturday, June 22, 2013 was the first round of equestrian martial arts for the jousters who came to compete in the Times & Epochs jousting tournament. At Noon, all the jousters demonstrated their abilities in various aspects of Mounted Skill at Arms(MSA). At this time, the scores for MSA are still being calculated and cannot be included in this article, but one of the more dramatic and romantic moments came near the end of the MSA competition when Pavel "Paul" Kalinkov succeeded in lifting a scarf off the ground with his lance and presenting it to a Lady, presumably his Lady, in the audience.

Paul Kalinkov succeeds at lifting the scarf and in wooing his Lady (video by The Jousting Life)

Later in the day, at 5pm, the tilting competition began(tilting is a more specific term for jousting).

The jousters, their squires and ground crew enter the arena(video by The Jousting Life)

There were a few problems with timing, and a few complete misses, but there were also some magnificent hits and lance breaks.

(video by The Jousting Life)

Unfortunately, fairly early on in the tilting, Dmitry "Dietmar" Savchenko was injured when he was hit in the leg with a lance. Although, it was not a life-threatening injury, he was unable to continue competing.

At the end of the tilting, the scores were as follows:

Andrey "Morgan" Kamin -- 40 points
Joram van Essen -- 32
Pavel "Paul" Kalinkov -- 26
Dmitry "Dusheyron" Petukhov -- 24
Arne Koets -- 22
Petter Ellingsen -- 20
Alexsey "Budimir" Malinin -- 18
Yuri "Humphrey de Bohun" Bogunov -- 12
Dmitry "Dietmar" Savchenko -- did not receive any points due to injury

Andrey "Morgan" Kamin(photo by The Jousting Life)

On Sunday, there will be a mounted melee and more tilting. After the end of the competition tomorrow, the scores from the MSA, the tilting, the melee and the Court of the Ladies will be added together to determine the Champion of the tournament. There will also be other prizes for specific aspects of the tournament.

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