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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Mounted Melees at the "Times & Epochs 2013" Jousting Tournament

As mentioned in the previous article, there were a series of three Mounted Melees that formed part of the "Times & Epochs 2013" International Jousting Tournament. The first melee was a Crest Melee in which everyone fought individually. The last jouster with a crest that was unbroken and still firmly attached to his helmet was the winner. The seven jousters who competed in the Crest Melee, in the order in which they were eliminated, were: Petter Ellingsen, Andrey "Morgan" Kamin, Alexei "Budimir" Malinin, Arne Koets, Yuri "Humphrey de Bohun" Bogunov and Dmitry "Dusheyron" Petukhov. Pavel "Paul" Kalinkov never allowed anyone to strike off his crest and therefore was the winner of the Crest Melee.

(video by The Jousting Life)

The next melee was a Banner Melee where one team member carried a banner and the other team members had to defend him, though the banner carrier could also defend himself in whatever way he could think of. The first team whose banner hit the ground lost. One team consisted of Arne Koets, Petter Ellingsen and Yuri Bogunov with banner carrier Paul Kalinkov. The other team consisted of jousters from the troupe Cavalry Brotherhood and included Budimir Malinin and Morgan Kamin with banner carrier Dusheyron Petukhov.

During the Banner Melee, Morgan Kamin was actually grappled off of his horse by Petter Ellingsen(perfectly legal according to the Russian rules). It appears in the video at approximately the 1:30 mark. Despite the odds against them now being four against two, the Cavalry Brotherhood team decided to continue to fight. Unfortunately -- though it did even the odds up a bit to three against two -- at about that same time, Arne Koets' left stirrup broke so that he had to withdraw from the Banner Melee and was unable to compete in the final melee. Paul Kalinkov actually lost the Banner melee for himself and his teammates when he used his team's banner to hit Budimir Malinin on the head, breaking the banner pole and allowing the banner to fall to the ground.

(video by The Jousting Life)

The last and most grueling melee was a type of Elimination Melee fought in teams of three. Basically the jousters fought till they couldn't fight any more. They would raise their right hand above their head to signal that they wished to withdraw from the melee. Also, if they fell or were pulled out of their saddle, they were eliminated. The Cavalry Brotherhood again formed one team with Budimir Malinin, Morgan Kamin and Dusheyron Petukhov. The other team included Petter Ellingsen, Paul Kalinkov and Yuri Bogunov.

Yuri "Humphrey" Bogunov was nearly pulled out of the saddle by Morgan Kamin at 5:08, but managed to escape though he lost his feather crest. Despite being double teamed by Budimir and Dusheyron, Paul Kalinkov resisted being pulled from his saddle at the 5:24 mark. A couple of minutes later Dusheyron Petukhov withdrew from the melee right before Petter Ellingsen raised his right hand to signal his withdrawal in order to avoid being pulled out of his saddle by Budimir Malinin. Unfortunately for Budimir, Petter's teammate Paul Kalinkov was right behind him to pull Budimir out of his saddle, eliminating Budimir. With both Dusheyron and Budimir out of the melee, Morgan was left alone facing the pair of teammates Paul and Humphrey. Morgan was given the choice to continue fighting against the odds or to concede the fight. He, quite reasonably and honourably, chose to concede.

(video by The Jousting Life)

There are more pictures and videos yet to come from the "Times & Epochs 2013" International Jousting Tournament.

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