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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pavel "Paul" Kalinkov Wins the Times & Epochs 2013 Jousting Tournament

Sunday, June 23, 2013 was the last day of the first "Times & Epochs" international jousting tournament. Thirty-four year old, Pavel "Paul" Kalinkov of Minsk, Belarus earned the most points throughout the tournament and was named the Grand Champion. Despite a busy schedule, Paul made time to be interviewed between the noon Challenge Jousts and the evening Mounted Melees. At the time of this interview, he had not yet won the tournament.

(video by The Jousting Life)

As mentioned, at noon, the jousters had a chance to challenge each other to compete in the tilt. Competitors had the choice to accept or decline each challenge, though I do not believe that anyone declined. They also had the choice to allow head shots or not.

Here are the scores for the Challenge Jousts:

Pavel "Paul" Kalinkov -- 59
Petter Ellingsen -- 53
Arne Koets -- 50
Andrey "Morgan" Kamin -- 29 points
Dmitry "Dusheyron" Petukhov -- 19
Yuri "Humphrey de Bohun" Bogunov -- 18
Alexei "Budimir" Malinin -- 16
Joram van Essen -- did not compete due to injury
Dmitry "Dietmar" Savchenko -- did not compete due to injury

At 5pm, there were a series of Mounted Melees. The first melee was a Crest Melee in which it was every man for himself. The last jouster with a crest still on his helmet was the winner. The next melee was a Banner Melee where one team member carried a banner and the other team members had to defend him. The first team whose banner hit the ground lost. The last and most grueling melee was an Elimination Melee, basically the jousters fought till they couldn't fight any more. They would raise their right hand above their head to signal that they wished to leave the melee. Also, if they were pulled out of their saddle, they were eliminated.

After the last Mounted Melee, the Head Marshall, other judges and Court of Ladies conferred to decide upon the winners of the individual competitions and determine the Grand Champion. Deciding upon the winners of the individual competitions was somewhat subjective. They took the points scored into consideration, but decided the winner based on whom everyone believed should have won, whether or not he actually had the most points. In some cases, they did choose the jouster with the most points. In other cases, they did not.

Here is a list of the winners of the individual competitions:

Mounted Skill at Arms(MSA) -- Pavel "Paul" Kalinkov
Jousting(predetermined matches) -- Andrey "Morgan" Kamin
Challenge Jousts -- Arne Koets
Combined Melee -- Petter Ellingsen

The determination of the Grand Champion of the jousting tournament was based solely on the amount of points earned throughout the competition. Here are the final scores and number of lances broken for all the competitors:

Pavel "Paul" Kalinkov -- 158, 7 lances broken
Andrey "Morgan" Kamin -- 113, 6 lances broken
Arne Koets -- 106, 6 lances broken
Petter Ellingsen -- 98, 2 lances broken
Dmitry "Dusheyron" Petukhov -- 70, 2 lances broken
Joram van Essen -- 53, 4 lances broken, withdrew from competition due to injury
Alexei "Budimir" Malinin -- 52, 2 lances broken
Yuri "Humphrey de Bohun" Bogunov -- 39, 1 lance broken
Dmitry "Dietmar" Savchenko -- 33, 1 lance broken, withdrew from competition due to injury

There will be more information, pictures and videos posted about the "Times & Epochs" jousting tournament in future articles.

Many thanks to Daria Isaeva of Ratabor Show who arranged for me to attend "Times & Epochs 2013". Thanks also to Alyona Rebrova, also of Ratabor Show, who seemed to always be there when I needed help with something, and to Sergey "Tankred" Vislenev who was gracious enough to answer all my questions about the scoring and the points earned by each competitor. (If I spelled any of your names incorrectly, I sincerely apologize and hope you send me the correct spelling.)

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