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Friday, June 21, 2013

Opening Ceremony for "Times & Epochs" History Festival 2013

Today was the official opening of the "Times & Epochs" history festival for 2013. To signal the official start of the event, there was a rather elaborate ceremony similar to the opening ceremonies for the Olympic games, but not nearly so spectacular. Among other things, each of the jousters was introduced to the audience and got a chance to ride their horses around and show off a little. Petter Ellingsen of Norway got an exceptionally large cheer when he cued his horse to rear very high.

Here is some video of the introduction of the jousters during the opening ceremony:

Intrducing the jousters during the Opening Ceremony of "Times & Epochs 2013"
(video by Zhi Zhu/The Jousting Life)

I apologize for the shakiness and generally poor quality of the video. I just bought this camera specifically for this event and am still not proficient with it.

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