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Friday, June 27, 2014

A Brief Interview with Armourer, Videographer and Soon-to-be-Jouster Eric Dubé

Eric Dubé of Armure Dubé has been featured in several articles on The Jousting Life showcasing his skill as both a videographer and armourer. I recently had the chance to chat with Eric online and ask him a few questions:

Eric Dubé of Armure Dubé and his replica of the Earl of Warwick 1439 armour
(photo by Eric
Dubé )

How did you become involved in creating armor?

Pretty simple, when I moved out of my parents' house, I wanted a set of armour to put in my living room. I could not find any, so I made one. I had never worked with metal before that.

How did you become involved in creating videos?

Well, in 1998 I got my first PC, and I had it rigged for video editing, but I had so many armour commissions (a year and a half waiting list), I never got around to using it until 2007, when a friend of mine gave me a camera for taking pictures that I could also film with. It awoke my old desire of video making.

Who do you make armor for?

Collectors, re-enactors, and larpers… full spectrum I guess.

What styles of armour have you made?

Gothic, Italian, English, Fantasy.

What piece or complete harness that you have made are you the most proud of? Why?

The replica of the Earl of Warwick 1439.  This project was the one that made me focus all the knowledge I had acquired for the last 20 years.  It all came together for this project.

Replica of the Earl of Warwick 1439 armour and Eric Dubé of Armure Dubé who created the replica
(photo by Eric Dubé)

How is armour created for jousting different from other armour?

Jousting armour could be slightly modified for that task, or you could have a full harness specially made for jousting, but this armour would not be functional for foot combat.

Do you have plans to ever wear your own armour in the joust?

Recently, I started riding lessons with the ultimate goal of riding down a jousting lyst in armour, reaching the opponent and breaking my lance on the target! Obviously, this is a long journey that I am just beginning. This video is my fourth lesson. I never had any experience with horses before now, so I will be sharing little bits of my journey to the tilt and the making of my new Milanese jousting harness with you!

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