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Monday, November 17, 2014

Patrice Rolland and Sean George Win the Team Championship of Tournoi International de Joute du Duché de Bicolline 2014

The first of what one hopes will be an annual event, Tournoi International de Joute du Duché de Bicolline was held August 30 - September 1, 2014, in Quebec, Canada. There were a total of sixteen competitors from five different countries. The organizers of the tournament are now ready to announce the winners and make a statement about the tournament:
"Two months ago, we were still on a cloud of blissfulness following the first International Jousting Tournament of the Duchy of Bicolline, a great and colorful event that had gathered professional jousters from all over the world.

While winter is at our door, it is with a lot of pleasure that we dive back in this festive and warm universe to relive these beautiful moments and share with you the great honors for the winners and the participants of the Sport and Historical divisions. Three Vivat to you all!" – Caroline LaBrie, president of Arion, co-organizer of Tournoi International de Joute du Duché de Bicolline
As mentioned in the statement, there was both a Historical Division and a Sport Division for this tournament, which distinguished between those who make every effort to use armour, clothing and gear that is as historically accurate as possible and those who are either not quite as concerned with historical accuracy or simply have not yet managed to assemble a historically accurate kit. Below are lists of the winners from each division:

Patrice Rolland(left) and Sean George(right), Team Champions of Tournoi International de Joute du Duché de Bicolline 2014 (photo by Eric Dube)

Historical Division:
Team Champions: Patrice Rolland of Canada and Sean George of England
Winner of the Joust: Patrice Rolland of Canada
Winner of the Mounted Skill at Arms: Patrice Rolland of Canada
Winner of the Poleaxe: Darth Rimmer of the USA
Most Chivalrous: Luc Petillot of France

Luc Petillot, chosen as Most Chivalrous at Bicolline 2014(photo by Eric Dube)

Patrice rode to victory on his own purebred Canadian gelding, Porto, and Sean rode a TB cross rental horse named Demande s'y, provided by Phillip Lamarche. Patrice and Sean's team was called 'The Green Machine' (because it was the only team color left). The other teams were 'The Stars and Stripes'(Darth Rimmer and Jeffrey Hedgecock of the USA, red), 'The French Connection'(Luc Petillot of France and Marc Hamel of Canada, blue) and 'The Old-Timers'... ahem... I mean 'The Carvers'(Jezz Smith of New Zealand and Steve Gagnon of Canada, black).

Sport Division:
Winner of the Joust: Damien Martel
Winner of the Mounted Skill at Arms: Marie Baron
Most Chivalrous: Marie Baron

Left: Damien Martel, winner of the joust in the Sport Division, Bicolline 2014
Right: Marie Baron, winner of the MSA and chosen as Most Chivalrous in the Sport Division, Bicolline 2014(photos by Eric Dube)

Tournament co-organizer Caroline LaBrie pointed out that:
"Marie rode a 4 year old Quarter horse that was performing his first joust in front of a crowd. A competent and confident rider can help a horse overcome it's insecurities." – Caroline LaBrie
The prizes for both the Historical Division and the Sport Division were created specifically for this tournament. Marc Hamel did the original carving for the plaques awarded to the winners of the Historical Division. Étienne Grenier and Serge Lavigueur did the molding, and Étienne Grenier did the painting, with some final touches added by Jezz Smith. Marc Hamel and Étienne Grenier also created the prizes for the Sport Division, and the calligraphy was done by score keeper Julien Fontaine.

The prizes for the Historic Division, Bicolline 2014(photo by Eric Dube)

Le Duché the Bicolline, who hired joust coordinator Virginie Frechette, worked with Caroline LaBrie's company Arion to produce the tournament. The Montjoie 1471 reenactment group helped by marshaling the jousts, and the medieval band Skarazula provided music during the tournament. Despite the weather not being the best  – it rained Saturday night and Sunday was cloudy and misty – approximately 3000 spectators came to watch the jousting. 

Here are some more photographs from Tournoi International de Joute du Duché de Bicolline, provided by Arion and Eric Dube:

Luc Petillot(left) jousts Sean George(right) at Bicolline2014(photo by Eric Dube)

Patrice Rolland(left) and Darth Rimmer(right) during the poleaxe competition at Bicolline2014,
Darth Rimmer won the poleaxe competition(photo by Eric Dube)

Left: Steve Hemphill(left) jousts Jean-sebastien Drapeau(right) during Bicolline 2014
Right: Caroline LaBrie on her purebred Canadian stallion, Skippy, and her boyfriend/squire Étienne Grenier(photos by Eric Dube)

Patrice Roland, on his purebred Canadian gelding, Porto, the moment the lances strike, 
Bicolline2014(photo by Eric Dube)

Top Left: Radar Goddard breaks her lance against Stephenie Campbell
Bottom Right: Steve Gagnon(left) jousts Darth Rimmer(right), Bicolline 2014(photos by Eric Dube)

Stephane Tremblay waits at the end of the tilt, Bicolline2014(photo by Eric Dube)

The jousters and crew for Tournoi International de Joute du Duché de Bicolline 2014
(photo by Eric Dube)

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