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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Interview with Sean George, Half of the Winning Team England at the Tournament of King Jan III at Gniew Castle 2014

The Tournament of King Jan III took place June 27 - 28 at Zamek Gniew(Castle Anger) in Poland. There were both a Team and an Individual competition.  Petter Ellingsen of Norway won the individual competition.  Team England, made up of Sean George and Steve Mallet, won the Team Competition.

Team England, Steve Mallet and Sean George, at Zamek Gniew 2014
(photo by StudioA)

Sean George kindly agreed to answer a few questions about himself and the tournament:

When and how did you become involved in jousting?
I first saw contemporary jousting at Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex, UK around 2002. The jousting group was Destrier, and I spoke with Rob Martin afterwards for advice. I immediately took intensive riding lessons from my friend and fellow Jouster Steve Mallet. He recommend me to Destrier as a potential Jouster. I Joined Destrier – at that time run by Dominic Sewell – in 2003, and I won my first tournament back at Herstmonceux Castle in 2005.

Considering all the different aspects of jousting, what are you currently focused on improving?
I am making upgrades to my armour and equipment which is an ongoing project.

Please tell us about your armour.
My Armour is a Milanese Harness, which I based on the painting of St George by Andrea Mantegna 1460 with the exception of the arm harness which is copied from a 1470 Milanese harness with a German influence from Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, Museum im Prediger. I love how the arms look and work for me, the cuirass is fairly new and fits great!I would like to change my pauldrons but for now I will be adding new re-enforcement plates. Under my armour I wear an Italian style arming doublet based on a fresco of King Syphax 1435 - 1445 (fol 2825v), Istituto al Gabinetto, Rome.

Sean George, at Zamek Gniew 2014(photo by Marta Kitta)

What is the story behind your heraldry?
The Heart and wings that I am currently using on my Shield is the same as on my helm and is Inspired by Rene D'anjou book of love - Le Livre du Cueur d'Amours Espris. My motto is 'Amor Vincit Omnia'(Love Conquers All).

Besides jousting, what else do you do?
I am an actor working in Film and Television. I also work as a lookalike for Corporate Events in the entertainment Industry, the characters I portray range from Captain Jack sparrow, The Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka to Mr Spock!

How did you become a competitor at the Tournament of John III?
I was Invited to Compete at The Tournament of King John III by Jan Gradoń, it was the first time that I competed there.

Please tell us about the horse that you rode during the tournament.
The Horse that I rode during the Tournament was named Medela, she is a Silesian horse. Medela belongs to the Polish Husarria, Krystian Mróz. I can see that she is used to Mounted Skill at Arms(MSA) training along with Jousting and Jumping, and man is she fast! We got used to each other very quickly and she was very responsive to my signals, she did everything I asked of her and I thank Krystian Mróz for allowing me to ride her.

Sean George competing in MSA with the Silesian horse Medela(photo by StudioA)

When you are in the lists waiting to compete, is there anything special that you do?
I try to relax, breath and focus, If I am calm then hopefully my horse is too, I think about horse control, then just focus on the job at hand.

What was/were your favorite moment(s) of the tournament?
Over all I enjoyed Jousting against some fine competitors, the fact that we all had something in common and the mutual respect.

What would you like to say about/to your teammate Steve Mallet?
Steve Mallett? He's a big softy underneath a tough exterior! But seriously I have so much respect for him as a true horseman, the man taught me to ride, he's a good friend and as Team England we rocked!

Sean George(left) and Steve Mallet(right), Team winners at Zamek Gniew 2014
(photo by StudioA)

What would you like to say about/to this year's other participants?
The Polish could not have been more hospitable to us, they were amazing hosts fronted by Jarek Struczynski – a real nice man. I truly enjoyed Jousting against all of the competitors and have a lot of respect for them, there was a lot of camaraderie in the Lists. I would like to thank ALL involved for making the Tournament such a great spectacle for the public and an amazing experience for us.

What are your plans/hopes for the future?
I will be competing in Jousts here in the UK as well as Le Tournoi International du Duché de Bicolline, Quebec later in August.
My hopes are to advance my Acting career and be successful within my work.

Sean George, at Zamek Gniew 2014(photo by StudioA)

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and best of luck in the future!

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