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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Jousters for the Brooks Medieval Faire Jousting Tournament 2014

The Brooks Medieval Faire Jousting Tournament will take place this weekend, August 9 & 10, in Brooks, Alberta, Canada as part of the 11th annual Brooks Medieval Faire. A number of international jousters will be competing and a local news show interviewed Australian jouster Sarah Hay and Danish jouster, Ole(Will) Nielson who are already in town preparing for the competition.

Interview with jousters Sarah Hay and Ole Nielson(video from

The other jousters who will be competing include:
Canadian jousters:
Alison Mercer from Calgary
Dale Geinow recently transplanted to Alberta from Ontario
Dale Thwaites from Calgary
Jean-Francois Drapeau from Stoneham Quebec
Jean-Sebastian Drapeau from Stoneham Quebec
Lacey Hadford from Medicine Hat
Marc Hamel from Quebec
Radar Goddard from Calgary

International jousters:
Jeffrey Wasson from New York, USA
Nicola Corrarello from Rome, Italy
Ole Nielson From Vyborg, Denmark
Sarah Hay from Australia
Stacey Wasson from New York, USA

Sarah Hay and Stacy Wasson strike tip to tip during the Grand Tournament of St Charles 2013(photo by The Jousting Life)

For more information, check out the jousters page on the Brooks Medieval Faire website and the Brooks Medieval Faire Facebook page.

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