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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

POV Video of the Last Six Jousting Passes at St Olav's Tournament 2014

St Olav's Tournament 2014 took place July 28 - 30 as part of Olavsfestdagene in Trondheim, Norway. In this video, Ivar Mauritz-Hansen(whose is wearing the POV camera) faces first Thomas Andersen, who earned second place in jousting at St Olav's Tournament, and then Per Estein Prøis- Røhjell, who earned first place in jousting and was named Tournament Champion.

POV video of the last six jousting passes at St Olav's Tournament 2014
(video by Ivar Mauritz-Hansen)

When I complimented Ivar Mauritz-Hansen on this very nice POV(Point of View) footage, he responded:
"POV? If I had this good a view from inside that helm, then jousting would be easy. :P "

Ivar Mauritz-Hansen(photo by Stian Green)

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