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Monday, August 4, 2014

Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell Wins St Olav's Tournament 2014

For the second time in a week, Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell(aka Pelle) has won a jousting tournament. On Sunday, July 27, Pelle, along with his teammate Ben van Koert, won the Team Championship at the prestigious seven day long Arundel International Tournament outside of London, England. On the evening of July 30, he was announced Winner of the Joust and Tournament Champion for St Olav's Tournament 2014, part of Olavsfestdagene in Trondheim, Norway.

Bentre Andresen(left) jousts Per Estein Prøis- Røhjell(right), Tournament Champion
(photo by Trude Langvad)

Martin Hagen Johnsen was at St Olav's Tournament and provided the following text and photos:

On Monday the 28th of July at 2pm, the herald announced the rock stars of the renaissance to a packed stadium outside Nidarosdomen, the 1000 year old cathedral in Trondheim. The stage was set for three days of combat between several jousters of Norway. To the sound of Queens "We Will Rock You" the seven jousters rode out to meet the crowd and start the St Olav's Tournament 2014.

For two of the participants this was a very special moment. It was the first tournament for the Norwegian trotter horse Mari Charisma, and for Even, a Norwegian fjord horse, it would be the last. At the age of 21, Even is retiring as a joust horse. This was emotional for both rider and ground crew, who have known Even for many years. But the show must go on.

Norwegian Fjord horse Even and his rider and ground crew
(photo by Martin Hagen Johnsen)

Pelle made it to Trondheim on time after winning the Arundel International Tournament. However his armour did not. The airline lost his luggage. Pelle managed to compete in the mounted melee in borrowed helmet and gauntlets (no chest, arm or leg armour), but was unable to compete in any of the jousting on the first day of the tournament. After some phone calls, the armour was retrieved, and Pelle was ready for the jousting on day two.

Erik Dahl Ryen had to withdraw from the tournament after a lance struck his right hand on the second pass vs. Ivar Mauritz-Hansen. The injury was severe enough to prevent him from continuing. A quick trip to the ER and some stitches showed no lasting injury to his hand. Erik will be back next year!

The competition was even, and after three days and six events the winners were announced.

1st place: Per Estein Prøis- Røhjell with 16 points

Per Estein Prøis- Røhjell on his horse Promyk, 1st place jousting
(photo by Martin Hagen Johnsen)

2nd place: Thomas Andersen with 14 points

Thomas Andersen, 2nd place jousting(photo by Martin Hagen Johnsen)

3rd place: Ivar Mauritz-Hansen with 13 points

Ivar Mauritz-Hansen(left), 3rd place jousting(photo by Martin Hagen Johnsen)

Mounted Skill at Arms(MSA): Bente Andresen with 43 points

Bente Andresen, winner MSA(photo by Martin Hagen Johnsen)

Mounted Melee: Bjørn Steinar Gundersen with 12 points

Bjørn Steinar Gundersen, winner Mounted Melee(photo by Martin Hagen Johnsen)

Tournament Champion: Per Estein Prøis- Røhjell

Per Estein Prøis- Røhjell, Tournament Champion(photo by Martin Hagen Johnsen)

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