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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Team England and Petter Ellingsen Win the Tournament of King John III

Text is from the Facebook page for The Tournament of King John III. Pictures are from several generous photographers.

The 23rd Tournament of King John III at Gniew Castle is now officially over!

The competition was on really high level with many strong hits. Thanks to a perfect weather we were able to run all competitions. We ran 6 jousting sessions, crossbow tournament, mounted skill at arms and a mounted melee.

Team England with Sean George and Steve Mallet became the Champion Team!

Left: Sean George (photo by Marta Kitta) Right: Steve Mallet (photo by KlaudiaRulinska)

The highest individual score and the individual prize was won by Petter Ellingsen from Team Norway. He also received first place in the mounted melee.

Petter Ellingsen during the mounted melee(photo by StudioA)

The crossbow contest was won by Michał Ruda from Team Poland.

Michał Ruda of Team Poland during the crossbow competition(photo by Martin Hagen Johnsen)

The Mounted Skill at Arms contest was won by Steve Mallett from Team England.

Steve Mallet competes in the mounted skill at arms(photo by StudioA)

The final scoring is:

1. England: 131pts
2. Poland: 122pts
3. Norway: 120pts
4. Burgundy: 94pts

1. Petter Ellingsen: 78pts
2. Sean George: 68pts
3. Adam Firyn: 66pts
4. Steve Mallett: 63pts
5. Michał Ruda: 56pts
6. Jeffrey Hedgecock: 52pts
7. Per Estein Prois - Rohjell and Wouter Nicolai: 42pts

The final scores of the Tournament of King John III 2014(photo by Petter Ellingsen)

After the closing ceremony a bareback melee was organized with Michał Ruda, Adam Firyn, Luc Petillot, Jan Gradoń, Dariusz Ostaszewski and Krystian Mróz fighting just in hose on bareback horses using clubs and grapling. The winner of that competition was Michał Ruda.

Michał Ruda during the bareback melee(photo by StudioA)

We would like to thank all the Competitors, Lady of Honour, Marshall, Herald, Ladies, Scoring Judges, Ground Crew, Grooms and last but not least all the Gniew Castle Crew for this wonderful Tournament!

The participants of the Tournament of King John III 2014(photo by StudioA)

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