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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Arundel International Jousting Tournament 2014 Starts Today

Text and image from Arundel Castle:

With prestigious competitors from Norway, the Netherlands, France, Australia and Poland, this is one of the largest tournaments in the United Kingdom. The week-long event, held under the shadow of the mighty Castle, attracts large audiences from far and wide to enjoy the magnificent 15th century jousting action. Set in 1470, the tournament offers a whole week of action with three jousts per day.

Knights compete for the ultimate glory of winning the Championship of Arundel Castle. In addition to the individual medal, an award is also presented to the most chivalrous knight, but the most hotly contested prize of all is the team award. This year’s teams are made up of old rivals, the Kingdoms of England and France, plus two new teams, the Burgundian Alliance and the Kingdom of Poland.

“This prestigious event is truly the highlight of our year at Arundel Castle,” commented Castle Manager, Bryan McDonald. “Visitors of all ages will be able to revel in the sights, sounds and smells of an authentic medieval tournament which brings the drama of 15th century Britain to life.”

As well as cheering on their jousting team of choice, visitors will be able to witness hand-to-hand combat with a medieval tournament from the knights and men-at-arms of Raven Tor living history Group. Set within an authentic medieval encampment, the Distant Trumpets storyteller will enthral visitors with tales from the period. In addition, have-a-go archery, craft displays and the musicians of Rough Musicke combine to make this a unique event sure to capture the imagination and entertain the whole family.

Arundel International Tournament 2014(image from Arundel Castle)

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